May 1, 2024 at 5:34 pm

Entitled Customer Parked His Bike Right Behind The Shopping Cart Return Lane, So Hardware Store Employee Gets Satisfying Payback

by Chris Allen

Source: Reddit/Peexels

People, cars, and parking lots.

Sometimes it’s just a petri dish of the worst among us.

And this story puts us right out in that shopping cart battlefield.

And how one employee won the day.

I Moved A Bike That Was Blocking Carts

So I committed the pettiest of revenge at work.

You see, I work in hardware as a lot associate. I’ll let you guess which of the Big Two I work for.

As a lot associate, I spend 3/4 of my time outside collecting various shopping carts and bringing them back inside to specific aisles.

Now, some entitled customer decided to park their bike right in front of the rows of carts at the front entrance.

Apparently this is a trend at this store.

This is the third time some AH has done that.

When someone parks their bike in front of rows of carts at the front entrance, this prevents me from organizing the carts at the front entrance properly, thus preventing me from doing my job.

OP was gearing up to take action.

Either these jerks with bikes are unaware, or they just don’t care and think they’re entitled to park their bikes just about anywhere inside the store.

I told my colleagues about this d******ag, and one of my co-workers suggested I put it in the parking lot.

Annnnnnnnd ACTION.

Cue petty revenge.

So I lifted the bike up and carried it outside to a row of roses. And then I walked away to do other things.

The owner of that bike never confronted me but I saw him wheeling his bike with an annoyed look on his face.

It was so worth it.


Let’s see what folks had to say.

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

This person had a lot to – just kidding, it’s another pun.

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

One commenter had a great idea what to do with a bike.

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge


Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

One more guys, come on, stick with me.

Source: Reddit/PettyRevenge

Wheely now guy?

We’re honestly just here for the puns.

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