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Scammer Tried To Get One Over On A New Dad, So He Came Up With A Plan To Harass Them Nonstop

by Abby Jamison

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It’s happened to all of us.

You get a phone call from a business or company that insists they need your money, and it turns out to be a scam.

But how do you stop them?

This man decided to put a stop to a scam after he grew frustrated with the injustice.

Let’s read the full story…

Scammer almost got me. So I created two Google Voice numbers and called them back nonstop

I’m a new dad. I’m sleep deprived and just feel sluggish all the time.

After dropping my baby off with her grandparents, I saw an “invoice” on my email for $450 that I never paid to Norton Antivirus.

It had a phone number to call.

So, I called it. As soon as I called, I realized it was a scam but it sure as heck aggravated me.

He decided to get back at them…

I pretended to be scammed up until the point where I’d give my computer control to the scammers, which took a good 10 minutes.

I spoke to “Melvin”

After that, I told him he’s a dumb scammer and he yelled at me.

So, I realized the number was still there.

I have two Google Voice accounts I don’t use anymore that I had for a prior job, so I called them.

I kept calling. I kept asking for Melvin. Sometimes, I’d get a new guy who didn’t know my game.

Fortunately, I didn’t have anything urgent at work that day, so I kept calling.

I called and called and called.

At some point, one of the gentlemen let out an exasperated sigh, saying “Oh my god it’s you again.”

He was dedicated to the revenge…

I didn’t relent. I kept calling. I called over and over and over and over again.

I told as many of them as possible that their mothers are ashamed of them.

I told them that their lives are wastes. I kept calling and calling until I actually had work to do and so I stopped.

Today, I woke up and called the number.

Today, they were PayPal.

I got “Melvin” again. We chatted before he told me to  F-off.

I called again.

I kept calling nonstop for about 30 minutes.

He got the outcome he hoped for…

After an hour break, I tried calling again. Immediately blocked on all my numbers.

I grabbed a family member’s phone. Immediately disconnected.

I win. It was a small, insignificant battle, but I won.

No one can call that number anymore. Until next time.

Let’s dive into the Reddit comment!

This user has also had some good fun with scammers.

Source: Reddit/ Petty Revenge

Another commenter got a good laugh.

Source: Reddit/ Petty Revenge

There were lots of great revenge ideas in the comments, too.

Source: Reddit/ Petty Revenge

And last, but not least…

Source: Reddit/ Petty Revenge

Looks like I know how to handle the next scam call I get!

I’ve got time on my hands.

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