May 1, 2024 at 6:37 pm

‘They changed the look of the package to say cage-free.’ – Consumers Explains How Companies Lie About Where Their Eggs Come From

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@sidemoneytom

Every time you go to the grocery stores, there seems to be some new, healthier option of your favorite food being pushed.

And if you go to a store like Wholefoods, its hard to find food that isn’t “organic”, “pasture-raised”, or keto-gluten-vegan.

But if you’re like me, you probably have no idea what half of those really mean!

And according to TikTok user @sidemoneytom, a lot of these options, especially when it comes to eggs, aren’t half as ethical for the animals as we think they are!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@sidemoneytom

His egg exposé starts with him saying he’s realized that the pricing on his supermarket’s eggs has caught his attention, and not in a good way.

“Very recently, they changed the look of the package here to say Cage Free, and the price that was 1.79 is now 3.99.”

He says this term is for nothing but show, and the generic brand only added it to raise their prices!

Source: TikTok/@sidemoneytom

“Some of you guys may know, cage free just means they’re not in a tiny little cage.”

He said the label “free-range” was just as bad, because just because the chickens have “access” to open space, it doesn’t mean they actually go out there!

But it wasn’t just the generic brand. “All these different brands are utilizing these logos: Free range for 7.49”

Source: TikTok/@sidemoneytom

He says the labels used by all different brands are nothing more than tricks to make people feel better about the eggs they’re getting, and to pay much more for the guilt-free conscience.

“They’re basically the same as the cheap eggs, all the plain white eggs they sell at Costco for 2 dollars a dozen are cage free. And they’re only two dollars a dozen!”

And he said that his grocery store now didn’t even offer eggs for less than 4 dollars a dozen.

“If you’re gonna spend extra on cage free eggs, you might as well spend an extra dollar or two and get organic.”

Who knew the egg companies were up to such shady dealings! He cracked this conspiracy wide open!

Check out his video for yourself.


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Unfortunately, TikTok wasn’t surprised, saying that everything ended up being a scam nowadays.

Source: TikTok/@sidemoneytom

Many suggested people go with pasture raised instead!

Source: TikTok/@sidemoneytom

And this person said they would pay for humane treatment if it was advertised to them correctly.

Source: TikTok/@sidemoneytom

And there’s always the option of buying from your local farms!

Source: TikTok/@sidemoneytom

And apparently this issue isn’t just in the US, with this Canadian user saying a dozen eggs ran them $12 in the great white north.

Source: TikTok/@sidemoneytom

There is nothing quite like a farm-fresh egg. I would HIGHLY recommend.

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