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Their Cousin Won’t Stop Pulling The Same Upsetting Prank, So They Turned The Tables And Pulled The Most Hilariously Scary Prank You Can Possibly Imagine

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@ConsciousAudience1

Folks, I’m gonna go on the record and say that this is one of my favorite “Pro Revenge” stories that I’ve ever seen on Reddit.

And I think you’re gonna agree with me after you read this person’s story!

I don’t want to give anything away, so all I’m gonna say is start now and enjoy!

You scared me with one of my biggest fears, so I made you go face to face with yours.

“My cousin is a prankster.

She likes telling jokes and one of her favorites, is during the holidays, she likes to tell me my uncle, her dad, is coming to pick me up.

This is not a nice guy…

If i’m being honest, my uncle is not a nice man. He yells at me and everyone for everything, he lies about people to make them look bad and him look good, he makes fun of me for being overweight.

He’s very verbally abusive, it’s gotten to the point where i’ve pretty much gray rocked him (Which is basically No Contact).

And her favorite prank is telling me that he’s coming to pick me up to take me to family gatherings, which i usually avoid going to if he’s there.

And 2 hours in the car with him? That’s literally hell.

So, a couple weeks ago, she lied and told me he called and was gonna come pick me up for my birthday.

I felt like i was having a panic attack, i remember crying, hyperventilating, i was pacing back and forth trying to figure some way out of it.

And yes. Visiting him is just that bad.

This was not a playful joke.

She started laughing, I told her that’s not funny. She knows how i feel about that man.

She said “Don’t you feel better now that you know he’s not actually coming?”

I haven’t forgotten that. It’s been 2 weeks, i’ve had enough of that prank. I wanted to prank her, to kinda get her back.

I remembered her biggest fear. Clowns. She’s been scared to ***** of clowns since she was a kid.

Party time!

So, i had a friend, that’s over 6 feet tall, dress up in a scary looking clown suit.

I told her i got a free dinner for 2 coupon for my birthday to her favorite restaurant and wanted to share it with her to bait her. We left and i had my clown in place.

The plan was to stop on the middle of this old rural road and stop the car at a specific spot. Where my friend was hiding.

Everything went to plan, my friend parked his old junk car in the ditch on the side of the road. I stopped and said we need to check it out, see if they need help.

While she’s looking in it and looking around for the owner, i sneak back to my car.

My clown runs out of an old barn and straight for us. She saw him, froze and started screaming, she ran to my car but i sped off before she could get in.

I didn’t abandon her, i just drove over a hill to where she couldn’t see me from where the old car was and watched in my rearview mirror.

It was like a horror movie.

She tried running with the clown chasing her, screaming for help.

He caught up to her and she got on her knees and started crying.

He laughed and revealed it was a joke, i drove back and started laughing with him.

She told me that wasn’t funny and i repeated what she told me, the “Don’t you feel better” line.

She screamed and yelled the whole car ride at me, that i could’ve “Scared her to *****”.

I told her that’s how i feel when she tells me about my uncle.”

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That was amazing!

Nicely done!