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Tinder Date Threatened Her Life And Safety, So She Waited Years To Get Revenge And Made Sure His Life Was Ruined

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@jennyueberberg

Are y’all up for an epic revenge story?

If so, then you’re certainly in the right place!

Because the woman who wrote this story on Reddit wasn’t playing around and the guy you’re going to hear about got exactly what he deserved.

Check out what happened to this creep when he went too far…

Threaten me on a dating app? Watch while your life crumbles around you.

“When I was 19 or 20 (I’m 25 now), I met a guy on Tinder. Let’s call him Brad. Brad and I didn’t get off to a great start, but I had no idea how bad it was going to get.

At first it just seemed we were incompatible, as he was pushy and rude and I take no ****.

If it had stopped there, I wouldn’t be here right now. But it didn’t stop there.

It got worse…

Once I made it clear that I found Brad repulsive and wanted nothing to do with him, his messages took a turn.

He threatened to stalk, ***, kidnap and ****** me, along with some gory details.

He also managed to find my home address, three hours away from the city we were in, and threatened to come find me.

As a side note, it was my dad’s house and some small part of me wanted to see exactly how badly it would turn out for him if he showed up there.

Of course, I warned my dad and gave him a picture of the guy.

I also took screenshots of everything he sent me.

The petty:

Being a young woman with no idea whether this mad man would actually go to lengths to find me, I called the cops.

When they came, they looked at the messages, told me it constituted terroristic threat, but also told me there wasn’t much they could do unless Brad actually showed up.

They did take down his details, including where he worked, which is listed in his bio. This will be important later. From what I understand, the cops went to Brad’s workplace to speak to him, and he refused, so they left. Nothing ever came of it.

It was time to do some snooping.

For the second part of the petty, I found his Facebook (again, don’t put your freaking workplace on all of your social media).

I snooped around and managed to find a couple of his family members. I sent them all the screenshots along with an explanation of what happened.

I didn’t hear back for a few days, but when I did it was from Brad’s mom.

She apologized profusely on behalf of her son and told me they were driving in from [Brad’s hometown three states away] to confront him.

She asked me not to warn him of this in advance, and obviously I agreed. I don’t know what became of this, but I hope he got a good, southern style *** whoopin’.

Now, for the pro:

A few years later (when Brad probably thought he was in the clear), something jogged my memory of what he did and I decided it was time for him to face some actual consequences.

I made a Facebook post including his picture and bio, all of the screenshots, and a message warning people in our area and asking them to share it around so other women would know what they were dealing with.

Two days later, Facebook took it down but the damage had already been done.

3k shares and many messages later, all of that information had made its way to his company’s Facebook page.

From what I understand, they were absolutely flooded with messages about Brad and his behavior.

They responded with a stock message about how they were dealing with it according to their policies.

This was disheartening, as I assumed they were just going to blow it off.

By this point, Brad had been working for them for at least four years.

However, I soon learned this was not the case!

It made an impact.

Several women from his company messaged me to thank me for coming forward and exposing the kind of person they were working with.

It was through one of these women that I found out what happened to good ole Brad.

He was called into a meeting with his boss, HR, and the CEO of the company. As a side note, this is a multinational company and the CEO is a woman.

They did not take the situation lightly.

Within two days of posting on Facebook, Brad had been fired and escorted off the premises by armed security.

In the end, Brad got what he deserved and now he has a massive blank spot on his resume, as this company was his first job out of college and he can no longer get a letter of recommendation from them.

As far as what became of him, I don’t know.

I never heard from him again.”

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What a creep!

Glad he got what was coming to him!

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