March 24, 2024 at 2:35 pm

Walmart Customer’s Frustrating Shopping Experience Has People Talking About How The Store Now Feels Like A Surveillance State

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@kingmeel93

Sometimes even just walking through a supermarket can make your skin crawl. Especially if you have someone following you around that store…because of your skin.

And we all know the CCTV setup in places like Walmart.

Those cameras are ubiquitous.

Then they have the nerve to ask to see your receipt after hovering over your shoulder for the last 20 mins?

One man on TikTok had an encounter like that and said, “Yeah NO”

Source: TikTok/@kingmeel93

As he explains, “So I check out my items after going through all these security measures just to get to the door for you to ask to see my receipt.”

“The answer is no,” he says to the camera flatly and decisively.

It’s pretty outright ridiculous.

Source: TikTok/@kingmeel93

And what really makes it confusing and frustrating is that he goes to this same Walmart and it’s inconsistent.

Sometimes they ask to see the receipt, sometimes they don’t…

“And it just so happens, I’m noticing that I only get asked to see my receipt if I’m being followed.”

So they’re just flat out targeting *certain* customers, it would appear.

Source: TikTok/@kingmeel93

It’s worth a look to see his measured, frustrated video here:


NOT happenin🤷🏽‍♂️ #fyp #storytime #dayinthelife

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Let’s see how folks reacted.

A bunch of people loved that quote. And the determination.

Source: TikTok/@kingmeel93

While his loyal viewers knew something was off right from the jump.

Source: TikTok/@kingmeel93

While one person pointed out how even more inconsistent they are when you do show them that receipt!

Source: TikTok/@kingmeel93

How about no, Scotty.

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