March 9, 2024 at 1:24 pm

Woman Made A Horrible Joke to Her Pregnant Friend, And Now She’s Being Ostracized From The Entire Friend Group

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Jokes have a time and a place, my friends…

And all I can say is that if you drop one at the wrong time, you might land in some hot water.

So was this woman out of line for what she said to her pregnant friend?

Read her story below and see what you think.

AITA for making a joke when my friend told me she was pregnant?

“My friend Alice (32F) and her husband have been trying for a baby for about 3 years.

I (29F) am childfree but this has never caused a problem in my relationship with Alice.

We would often joke about this difference, with me telling her stuff like she’ll miss all the disposable income when she has kids and her comparing my dog to a human kid.

Neither of us got offended with this joking and it was all in good fun.

She thought a joke would be okay.

On Friday, Alice, a couple other friends, and I went out to lunch and Alice told us that she was 3 months pregnant.

I jokingly said, “I’m so sorry. Let me know if you need a ride to the clinic.”

But it didn’t go well…

Alice flipped out and called me an insensitive *****.

I told her that I was joking but she wouldn’t hear it and she ended up leaving.

She hasn’t responded to my texts and calls ever since.

Our other friends are staying out of it and don’t want to give their opinions.

I understand that my comment would come off as rude if I said it to a stranger but Alice knows me and this is how we joke with each other.


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One person said she’s an *******…

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Another individual nailed it.

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This person said this was SAD.

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Another reader said this topic is off-limits for joking.

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Yeah… pro tip… don’t ever joke about that. Even if you think your friend will “get it.”

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