March 6, 2024 at 10:43 am

Woman Makes Internet Realize They’ve Been Using A Screwdriver Wrong All Their Life

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@sandra.maria.home

TikTok is one of those platforms that makes you realize you’ve been doing everything wrong your entire life.

From opening cans, to eating potato chips, to using chopsticks, there’s nothing that’s sacred from TikTok’s “Ummmm actually”s.

But the most recent victim, along with my pride as a man, has been how to use a SCREWDRIVER! I mean come on!

TikTok user @sandra.maria.home shared that you’ve probably been using a screwdriver the wrong way, or at the very least not making use of one of its genius design features!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@sandra.maria.home

DIY Creator Sandra starts off her video by explaining one of the little known features of a screwdriver!

“Did you know that a screwdriver has all of these ridges so you can attach a socket or a wrench and give it more torque?”

How did I never know this? How did MY DAD never know this? Isn’t this something that should be ingrained into the DNA of all fathers?

Source: TikTok/@sandra.maria.home

She then proceeds to demonstrate the hack for all of us, and seeing her do it has only amplified my profound sense of self-stupidity.

It seems like such an obvious thing once you see it, but it’s something that I, and thousands other people, apparently never even knew!

Not even a week ago I was laying on my back under my coffee table trying to tighten the screws, and to think I could have just done this!

Source: TikTok/@sandra.maria.home

To be fair though, unless you were a handyman or someone whose job was building things, how would you ever figure this out? It’s not like screwdrivers come with an instruction manual!

But Sandra says this hack can come in super clutch:

“So next time if you’re like struggling to unscrew something and you’re really afraid you’re going to strip the screw, do this instead!”

Check out her tutorial for yourself!


I just learned this and wanted to pass it on. Now that you know, go conquer the world! #tooltips #handtools

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TikTok was absolutely gooped at this hack, and this user said it was made all the more satisfying because a women taught it to them!

Source: TikTok/@sandra.maria.home

While this commenter used her newfound knowledge to prank her husband!

Source: TikTok/@sandra.maria.home

This guy attempted to be a know-it-all, only to get embarrassed in his replies.

Source: TikTok/@sandra.maria.home

And finally, this user said what we were all thinking, that TikTok is a school in and of itself!

Source: TikTok/@sandra.maria.home

The more you know!

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