March 2, 2024 at 9:24 am

Younger Sibling Refuses To Watch Her Young Niece, And Her Older Sister Does Not Handle It Well

by Jeffrey Ruane

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Getting along with an older sibling can be challenging, particularly when you’re living under the same roof.

But what happens when you’re older sister has is a new mom and wants to go hang out with her friends?

This is a story about a young mom who tries to pressure her younger sister into watching her newborn so she can spend some time with her friends.

I’m 17 and my sister is 22 and has a daughter, Sofia, who’s a few months old.

She still lives at home with me and our parents which I don’t think they were that happy about but but it hasn’t been bad so far.

Three generations under one roof can lead to some tough moments.

Recently while my parents where away, my sister came to me and asked me if I could look after Sofia for a bit.

I thought she meant just for a few minutes or something so I said okay, but then she said she was going to her friends house and will be gone for around an hour or two.

I was kinda taken aback and asked her if she was being serious, and she said yeah.

I told her I wasn’t gonna do it because first of all, I’ve never babysat anyone before let alone a few month old baby, and secondly, just because I’m the aunt and it’s convenient for her, doesn’t mean she can just ask me to babysit anytime she wants.

Our author knew this would NEVER fly with Mom and Dad around…

I knew she was only asking me while our parents were gone because if they knew she was basically trying to use me as a free babysitter, they would be pissed with her.

She got pretty annoyed at me and started trying to make me feel guilty by telling me stuff like how she hasn’t gotten to see her friends in ages, which is a lie, and that she does stuff for me all the time so I should do something for her once in a while.

I said I didn’t care and she asked why I can’t do one thing for her especially when I’m not doing anything else anyway, but I told her as much as I love Sofia, I didn’t ask to have a baby living with me.

Big Sis did not love that answer…

She said she couldn’t believe how selfish I was being, but I was tired of arguing with her so I just left the room.


It looks like Big Sis has a lot to learn about being a parent and how to treat her parents and younger sister.

Our friends on Reddit are pretty unanimous on who’s at fault in this scenario…

Everyone respected our author’s right to say “no” to this babysitting offer…

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Some people think Mom and Dad need to be looped in on this development.

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This person had a similar experience and stressed the importance of establishing boundaries.

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There’s a lot going on in this house, but hopefully this family can cut down on the drama and work together to raise baby Sofia.

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