March 12, 2024 at 10:38 am

Registered Dietician Dispels A Bunch Of Food Myths In 1 Minute That Should Make Us All Feel Better About What We Eat. – ‘You’re not a bad person for eating fast food.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@wholesomechicknutrition

For so many years women in particular, have had a hard time worrying about their weight and even some medics seem to have instilled this fear into females.

Pretty much all women have had enough and want to just feel better about who they are. The body positivity trend has gone a huge way in helping carve out a change in American society.

But there’s still a whole lot of work to do and registered dietician @wholesomechicknutrition is really helping turn the tide on negative body images and fad diets that can wind up doing more harm than good.

Source: TikTok/@wholesomechicknutrition

She bust some lies about food, diets and body imaging in one fell swoop with this powerful TikTok clip.

She told her followers: “Fruit and carrots do not have too much sugar, dairy is not inflammatory. Colostrum is a weird wellness trend and you do not have to partake. It’s better to get your nutrition from food than from greens powders or 30 different supplements.”

Lady preach! This is such an amazing take and one that a lot of people, especially young women, need to hear!

“You’re probably not bloated because you have leaky gut. You might just not be eating enough food,” she said.

And here comes the big guns. She told her followers how YES they can eat treats!

Source: TikTok/@wholesomechicknutrition

“It’s okay to drink beverages that have calories. You don’t have to save bagels, pizza and chips for the weekend. You can have them any day of the week. Cheat days are essentially planned binges,” she said.

And then she went on to preach some words that I just know are going to make some people emotional. Your weight isn’t about blame. Love that.

She said: “Genetics account for up to 70 per cent of your weight. You’re allowed to eat past 8 o’clock at night…”

Source: TikTok/@wholesomechicknutrition

And this is one statement that will blow a lot of people’s minds because we have all been raised on this belief. Wow. It certainly takes a lot of blame out of our lives. And that can only be a good thing, right?

“BMI is a silly way to measure health and self worth… It’s really not important to know what your weight is unless you’re going under anesthesia or your doctor needs to dose a medication appropriately,” she said.

Source: TikTok/@wholesomechicknutrition

This short clip will help change the way some women look at themselves, I just know it.

Watch the full amazing clip here:


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Here’s what people thought about the powerful clip:

More lessons!

Source: TikTok/@wholesomechicknutrition

This is so important to a lot of women.

Source: TikTok/@wholesomechicknutrition

Another woman who needed to hear this.

Source: TikTok/@wholesomechicknutrition

It’s always good to get a new perspective!

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