April 20, 2024 at 12:57 am

Adults Talk About What They Think All Teenagers Should Know About The Real World

by Matthew Gilligan

redditteens Adults Talk About What They Think All Teenagers Should Know About The Real World

Source: Reddit,Unsplash/@mmpixz

Yes, it’s true… every single teenager on the planet thinks they know everything.

And you and I were like that, too! Just admit it!

So kids, if you’re reading this article, we want you to pay attention to this wisdom, because it could save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Start now!

Don’t be a slacker!

“Learn how to study and work.

Don’t slack off in high school. You can still pass if you do, but college and life after that will be a pain if you don’t develop a work ethic.

Put in the time to do your homework. Be reliable on the things you need to do. Don’t rely on your teachers chasing you down to get your homework turned in.

Building a good work ethic will do you WONDERS for when you actually need it out in the world. Also, it absolutely sucks to go to college, get seriously swamped in class work, and not have a built up work ethic.

It’s draining and demoralizing as hell, particularly if you’re not used to it. Do the work now and it’ll pay off dividends later.”


“Friendships take work.

You don’t need a lot to have a happy life, either.

Maintaining one awesome friend is more worthwhile than the struggles of maintaining several okay ones.”

Get out there and do it.

“I spent a lot of my life thinking i was too young/inexperienced to do what I wanted.

Now I think im too old/too entrenched in my current field to do what I’d truly like to do.

It’s all excuses of course.

Just do it.”

Go with the flow.

“Having a goal and a plan in life doesn’t automatically mean it’s going to work out, especially if you don’t come from money.

It’s okay to fail.

This world is kinda messed up, and it’s not always your fault.”

Look out for #1.

“Your job sees you as replaceable. Look out for yourself and your family.

Your job is not everything but it will feel like it is, make sure that if you don’t like where you are that you change it.

Don’t be miserable at a job because it pays well.”


“If you dont plan your own b-day parties you wont have b-day parties. Friends planing something for you are super rare. Its not like on tv. You have to make an effort to have a social life.

You ll have to work to have a good life and you ll be tired like you never have been before. It will make having fun and going out harder.

Enjoy being a teenager as long as you can. But dont try to fight becoming an adult, because it will just get harder and harder.”

Keep going!

“You would be amazed at the things each person on this earth has had to overcome.

Everyone has a story, everyone here has battled, and everyone is a victim of something or someone.

Be proud of your survival and celebrate your birthdays.”

Very important.

“Look after your body.

Yes, when you are 20 you are bulletproof, you might as well be made of rubber with how you can shrug off injuries, but your 40 year old self will hate your 20 year old self if you screw up your knees or back and then have to suffer the rest of your life.”

Just gotta deal with it.

“Life is extremely unfair. And there is no reason for that.

People who have expectations of things being fair in the real world are always sorely disappointed.”

For sure!

“It’s all about marketing. It doesn’t matter that much how hard you work, it’s more about how you sell yourself.

That even if your point of view is correct, without proper communication and negotiation skills no one will probably care.”


“You are responsible for everything you do , and you will be held accountable.

Enjoy your youth til 18, because after that the kid gloves come off.”

Everyone is different.

“You don’t need to figure everything out and be successful by 25.

People like to joke but your 30s are a lot more young than you think they are and that’s usually when things come together.”


“Learn how to manage money.

Too many young people get deep into debt because they don’t know how to save or how credit cards actually work.

Remember that there is an order of where your money goes: Rent and bills must come first and foremost, then everything else.”

Be consistent.

“Life is all about consistency. Consistently just try to do better.

You might not do as great as you did last week, a few days ago, or even yesterday. Life isn’t about that. Life is about getting back up and making it a point to yourself only, that your about bettering yourself. This goes with so many aspects of life. Just cause you succeed today won’t mean you succeed tomorrow.

What really matters is the little wins you created. They stack up and you’ll feel more confident when you do what you have to do, no matter how you’re feeling.

Not saying miss your grandma’s funeral, I’m saying when it does count. Life will hit you with setbacks but it’s up to you to be courageous enough to keep on pushing.”

What it’s all about.

“Don’t plan on having the same friends, people switch up.

Do not rely on anyone, whatever you get yourself into do not expect help, it’s on you.

It sounds cliche but don’t rely on alcohol to cure your boredom.”

Sage advice for sure!

Take heed!

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