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Aunt Doesn’t Want Her Nieces And Nephews Trashing Her Things While She’s Away, But Her Family Claims She Doesn’t Own The House So She Shouldn’t Complain

by Trisha Leigh

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Personal space can be a sensitive issue in any shared living arrangements.

When you’re paying for that personal space, though, most people would say it’s far to have some expectations attached.

This young lady is living at home but paying rent and contributing in other ways.

I (f22) live with my parents.

I’m the youngest sibling and all my other siblings have moved out a while ago, so it’s just me and my parents.

I buy all my own food and I do my fair share of housework, and I pay rent.

She went out of town and came home to find her young nephew had used her bed.

Back in October, I went on a 3 day trip with some of my friends.

When I came home, my bed had food stains and crumbs in it, and lots of my belongings were moved around or on the floor.

My parents explained that they had my nephew (age 4) sleep in my room while I was gone.

When she said she would appreciate the room being cleaned afterward, her parents shrugged her off.

I explained that I don’t mind my nieces or nephews sleeping in my bed when I’m not home but that I don’t appreciate coming home to my room being a mess and my bed being dirty.

I tried to be as calm as possible but I think it was pretty obvious I was irritated.

My parents told me to lighten up and that I am overreacting, and that it’s just my baby nephew.

It happened again.

Last month, I went on a weekend trip for my coworker’s bachelorette party and once again, I came home to my room being messy.

I even found not one but two very chewed up pacifiers in my bed and more old food.

I was very annoyed and I told my parents that I’m really not ok with this, and that I wished they’d at least wash my bed sheets after the kids had been in my bed.

They once again say I’m overreacting, they called me a control freak and a neat freak.

They even got my sisters involved and said I’m being a baby about my niblings using my bed when I’m not even home.

No one in my family is on my side and they think I’m being childish.

Now everyone in the family is on her case.

This escalated when my sister (f31) called me to talk about the situation.

She lectured me and said that it’s my parents’ house and they can use the space how they like, and she said I’m acting like a spoiled brat, and that if I was her child, she’d kick me out of the house.

I fired back at her and asked what on earth I’m paying rent for then if not for my space.


Does Reddit think she should lighten up too? Let’s find out!

The top comment says she might want to think twice before pushing the issue.

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This person has a plan for petty revenge.

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And this commenter piled on with another idea.

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They point out that she has legal rights as a tenant.

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Her family is being inconsiderate at best.

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This situation could be so easily resolved.

I hope her parents realize that and make it right.

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