April 5, 2024 at 10:41 am

Bo Burnham Was This Guy’s High School Bully, And His Video Is A Must Watch

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@connordiddle430

High school bullying is just a tale as old as time.

And even older than organized schooling; it’s an unfortunate by-product of kids just being together.

One bad apple makes life difficult for another.

But what if that bad apple is now a famous comedian?

One guy named Connor, recalls now his time as a freshman in high school, with Bo Burnham.

Source: TikTok/@connordiddle430

He explains that it really started when he was a freshman and Bo was a senior.

“So Bo and I did theater at St. John’s Prep, which is an all boys Catholic high school.”

Oh yeah. There was probably a ton of bullying going on there.

He then points out Bo and himself in the theater picture.

Source: TikTok/@connordiddle430

He continues, pointing at a picture of himself as a freshman.

“I also looked like this and was trying way too hard to be his friend, so you can understand why he would hate me.”

Connor then recalls a story that still sticks with him,

“One day at rehearsal I was talking about this girl that I liked and Bo turned to me and said ‘You know you like guys, right?”

HEYYYY. That’s…not….hold on, he was right though…

Source: TikTok/@connordiddle430

You gotta check out his funny video here:


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Now let’s see how folks landed on this one.

That line was a winner for 46,000 people, too.

Source: TikTok/@connordiddle430

Another commenter thought he handled it all really well.

Couldn’t agree more.

Source: TikTok/@connordiddle430

While one TikToker helped put it in perspective.

Really great to see that he’s well-adjusted.

Source: TikTok/@connordiddle430

Ohhhh freshman bully stories.

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