April 10, 2024 at 3:41 pm

Coastal Community Bought 14,000 Tons Of Sand Worth Of $500k To Protect Their Homes And Mother Nature Washed It Away In 3 Days

by Trisha Leigh

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You’ve probably heard the old adage that you can’t fight Mother Nature.

You can do what you can to prepare and protect yourself, but in the end, if she wants to destroy your life, that’s her right.

I imagine that pill is tougher to swallow once you’ve spent half a million dollars on a giant sand dune, though.

Residents of an affluent Massachusetts coastal community did just that, thinking a big ol’ sand dune might be the answer when it comes to protecting their homes.

The Atlantic Ocean made quick work of the 14,000 tons of sand, however, blowing it away in under three days.

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Ron Guilmette, one of the residents, called the lesson “catastrophic,” and said they “don’t know what the solution is.”

The issue has gotten more pressing as climate change has led to a dangerous combination of rising sea levels and more frequent and deadly storms. The area is seeing the highest tides ever recorded in its history, and weathering storm after storm without having much of a chance to breathe in between them.

People who live in these coastal areas are facing a tough choice: move or figure out how to protect their homes in the face of these challenges. And only the rich can really afford either option.

The United Nations Development Program says that tens of millions of people live in coastal areas that will experience increased flood risk. They estimate that, before the turn of the next century, 73 million people will live in new floodplains.

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In the United States, that includes $106 billion worth of coastal property wiped out by 2050, if trends continue at their current pace. Communities are trying things like constructing barriers, elevating buildings, and restoring coastal habitats, but so far, there’s no one-size-fits-all fix.

But one thing’s for sure… we have figured out that 14,000 pounds of sand isn’t going to do the trick, though.

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