April 30, 2024 at 6:34 pm

This UberEats Customer Asked For Zyrtec. She Got The Item Still In Its Anti-Theft Case.

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@jpall20

Lots of people are turning to delivery apps these days, and I imagine one time people can really justify it is when they feel like crap and need medicine.

But have you ever received an order you’re pretty sure contains stolen goods?

Allergy sufferer @jpall20 asked her followers how an Uber delivery driver managed to get a bottle of Zyrtec in an anti-theft case to a their door.

Source: TikTok/@jpall20

The original post appeared on Reddit on the r/UberEATS sub by user r/KatiaFlaviaGostosona.

“An Uber delivery driver delivered this person’s Zyrtec to them, like this,” showing a photo of the allergy medication inside a plastic, sealed security box.

Source: TikTok/@jpall20

She asked just how this had happened and how the driver even got the item past the cashier.

The whole thing reminded her of a time she ordered paper towels from Walmart but got bubble wrap as a replacement.

That would make for some interesting clean-up in the kitchen, right?!

Source: TikTok/@jpall20

She was seriously confused as to how this had happened, as are a lot of people online.

She even asked if drivers with no common sense were getting hired, adding “‘cause there’s no way that this keeps happening to people.”

Watch the full clip here:


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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

What kind of sense does this make?

Source: TikTok/@jpall20

It doesn’t make much sense.

Source: TikTok/@jpall20

Some folk blaming male delivery drivers!

Source: TikTok/@jpall20

I am seriously curious about what happened here.

Maybe the driver will post a reply.

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