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He Paid For Expensive Meals Expecting His In-Laws To Tip. When He Realized They Weren’t, He Pulled The Gravy Train To A Stop.

by Abby Jamison

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There are plenty of unwritten rules when someone pays for your meal.

Some people make things a little more even by offering to leave the tip, for example.

This person’s future in-laws person don’t have the same understanding, though, and he thinks that’s a problem.

Let’s see how he handled a sticky situation…

AITA for deciding not to buy food for my fiancée’s family anymore?

“Every other week, my fiancée (22F) and I (23M) go out to eat with her family.

Last week we went to a Korean BBQ restaurant owned by my uncle (59M), where I paid for everyone’s meal.

I only asked them to cover the tip for the waitress, which they agreed to do so.

The total bill was over $240, and I paid.

Seems reasonable, but let’s see how they handle it…

Usually, when I cover the tab for my friends or significant other, they generously tip since they’re only responsible for the gratuity, not the cost of the meal itself.

However, a few days ago, my cousins (21M) revealed that they had only left a $1 tip and they have tip only 1 dollars before.

I was shocked and disappointed because a $1 tip is insultingly low, especially considering I had treated them to alcohol and dessert.

So, I discussed this issue with my fiancée, but her family insists they never tip or only pays like 1 dollar for tip at restaurants/general services.

This is happening in the USA.

He knows he has to do something about this…

As a result, I informed my fiancée our bi-weekly restaurant outings would have to change.

I also have informed to my fiancée about this. I told her that I had only paid for their meals as a kind gesture.

While my fiancée was annoyed, she ultimately understood.

Yesterday, they asked if I would buy their food again next week, to which I responded that they’ll need to cover their own expenses for their meal.

I didn’t want to confront them about their habit of tipping only a dollar, so I decided to handle it differently this time and simply pretend to cover the tip for them.

This lead to a big disagreement…

Her family did not take that so well.

They accused me of being ungrateful, arguing that they were the ones taking time to meet up with me bi-weekly and that asking them to tip was unreasonable in the beginning.

They also suggested that since my family is wealthy, it’s only fair that I continue paying for their meals.

My fiancée was surprisingly on my side, she knew her family had this issue.

She just didn’t have courage to inform them about it.

AITA for deciding not to buy food for my fiancée’s family anymore?”

Let’s see what the comments say!

This Reddit user agrees that the fiancée’s family is in the wrong.

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Another commenter has a warning for our poster…

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Another Reddit user certainly seems to agree.

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The commenters all agreed: not tipping is never okay.

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It’s common courtesy to tip generously when someone else is paying the bill.

Their behavior is actually pretty appalling.

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