April 11, 2024 at 3:37 am

Dad Evicts His Son And Pregnant Girlfriend After Their Baby Shower Because Son Is Closer With His Biological Father Than Him

by Chris Allen

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Is there anything more brutal in life than losing relationships with your family? One decision can cascade down to so many people, and ruin so many lives.

The fallout can become a multi-generational quagmire that sinks everyone around you.

So like…can we just stop cheating on each other?

Well read this story then.

And gaze upon the nuclear wasteland of a family that emerged from the wake of one decision.

AITA for evicting my son and his pregnant girlfriend because he wants his real dad and not me?

When my son was 10, I caught my wife cheating and got a divorce.

I tested all my children and 3 were mine, but my oldest 10yo son was not.

I was mad, but eventually got over it and did not want to treat him separately than his siblings at first.

It gets worse…

Unfortunately, his mom told him about his bio dad against our agreement and at 18 he started regularly calling and speaking to him.

Well he’s 20 now and he got a girl pregnant.

OP dad makes a kind gesture to let them move in with him.

Since she had no where to stay, i decided to let her move in with my son so they could continue going to college while raising their kid.

Well, my son’s relationship with his bio dad really took off i guess.

The emotions and everything all came to a head recently at the child’s baby shower wherein he gifted his bio dad a shirt that said grandpa on it.

Moreover he has started occasionally calling me by my first name even in front of our other kids.

So OP dad has finally had enough it seems.

He has sort of made it clear to me that biology is more important than the man who raised him.

So instead of giving them a gift on the baby shower i quickly drew up a 30 day eviction notice after a quick call with my attorney and replaced my present with that.

I’m just tired of the disrespect… but apparently he did not see it coming because he was completely blind sided.

He gives some more insight of what his son really thinks of him.

I should also add that i have overheard him saying other things like “my real dad was a marine” and stuff when he thinks im not home. I told him to go live at his real dads house if he wanted.

The only reason he doesn’t live there now is because its a single bedroom apartment. I am also going to stop paying his tuition next semester and just kind of cut him off completely.

AITA for evicting my son and his pregnant girlfriend because he doesn’t think of me as a dad anymore?

Now that’s a rough situation to be in. Let’s see what folks had to say.

And this one really spanned the spectrum of opinions.

One person wondered if he ever really thought of him as his son.

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While one person absolutely would not have put up with this situation either.

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One person just read the word SPITE across this whole story.

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And one person thinks this now-20-year old has a LOTTT of growing up to do.

With a kid of his own…

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Well there’s one way to go about it I guess.

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