April 3, 2024 at 10:27 am

Doordash Customer Wants Driver To Walk Up Nine Flights Of Stairs For A $1 Tip. Her Response Is Very Relatable.

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@movesfinancial

Maybe it’s because I used to deliver for DoorDash, but let me tell you, delivery drivers have it a lot harder than you think.

Whether its scammers telling DoorDash they never received the food you gave them, or people who expect you to navigate the most confusing backroads to reach their god-forsaken house.

And that’s just the base responsibilities of the job, not even to mention how little people are willing to tip, especially the people who have the most elaborate delivery instructions!

Well this Dasher had had enough when a customer expected her to walk up nine flights of stairs for an order he only tipped one dollar on, and decided to just leave his food at the front desk!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@movesfinancial

Her video starts with a post titled “$1 Tip and customer wants me to walk up 9 flights of stairs” from the r/doordash_drivers subreddit.

I may be biased but I don’t think I even need anymore context, from the title alone I’m on the driver’s side!

For some context, it is impossible to see the particulars of a delivery drop off before accepting the order, but even then, the driver would have no way of knowing they would have to walk up 9 flights of stairs!

Source: TikTok/@movesfinancial

Once the dasher sent the customary photo of where they left the food, the customer, Maedhbh, was none too happy, saying “This is not the location I requested.”

His driver politely explained that his building’s elevator was not in service because of emergency repairs.

But even after his measly one dollar tip, he has the nerve to say that his Dasher should have used the stairs!

Source: TikTok/@movesfinancial

To close her video, @movesfinancial leaves us with one question. “As a dasher, would you walk up 9 flights of stairs for a $1 tip?”

And I have to say, while I am absolutely living vicariously through this Dasher standing her ground on a bad tip, I have to admit I probably would climb those steps.

My reason being I am a complete people pleaser.

But some could argue that when DoorDash sends you an order, you have the option to decline it based on how much you are being paid.

If you knew the tip was only $1 when you accepted it, then some may think you should try to complete the order as best you can.

Check out their video for yourself.


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TikTok was definitely pro-dasher, with this customer saying if the building had stairs, then the customer could use them too!

Source: TikTok/@movesfinancial

This person said they would never expect their dasher to walk up that many stairs.

Source: TikTok/@movesfinancial

But this user disagreed, saying the Dasher should bring it to the door regardless of tip.

Source: TikTok/@movesfinancial

This person said if you are gonna make them climb a mountain of stairs, the least you can do is tip them decently!

Source: TikTok/@movesfinancial

And this dasher said that for grocery orders people are even more inconsiderate!

Source: TikTok/@movesfinancial

I can attest to the grocery orders, I would be doing people’s grocery shopping for a month, lugging it up how many flights of stairs, only for them to not tip a single cent!

Oh DoorDashing… I do not miss you.

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