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Entitled Old Man Claims Entire Armrest During Broadway Show, So Woman Gets Her Revenge By Making Him As Uncomfortable As She Can

by Ryan McCarthy

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Don’t you just hate it when people don’t know basic rules of human decency?

Things like waiting your turn in a line, not taking up multiple seats on a busy subway car, or not riding someone’s bumper in traffic. All are unwritten rules of society meant to make our lives easier.

But there are some people who disregard these rules, who think they’re above these rules, and force us to embrace our inner Larry David and confront them!

This user’s story featured one of these animals, when he rudely took claimed the entire armrest during a Broadway show, jabbing his boney elbows into her in the process!

Check out her brilliant revenge!

Guy tries to claim the arm rest, I let him have it his way

I’m a big lover of the theatre and will usually go to whatever Broadway show manages to make it to my city. I also have the cutest nephew in existence. Sorry people, these are facts.

When Disney’s The Lion King came around I decided to treat my cute little nephew to his first live theater show.

I wanted everything to be perfect for him and managed to snag close orchestra seats right on the aisle.

I wanted these seats because I knew that during “The Circle of Life” there is a large elephant puppet that makes its way down the aisle and I wanted him to be surprised and blown away.

But when OP and her nephew got to their seats, she encountered a man who apparently had never heard of personal space.

The seats are very tight and so it was my nephew on the aisle, me, and then freakin rude old guy (FROG).

We take our seats, curtains up, and then I spend the entire first act with Frog’s boney elbows in my side. He had to know what he was doing but it happened over and over again.

I wanted to turn street so bad but I reminded myself that I have my cute little nephew with me.

I don’t want him to see Aunty’s street side and so I stewed the first half and focused on my nephews pure joy at the show.

And OP saw her chance to win the coveted arm rest from FROG.

During intermission the Frog gets up.

I decided that the best way to handle things would be discretely and that I should claim the arm rest for myself so that my arm would protect me.

Mind made up, I casually place my arm down and focus on my nephew.

But FROG wasn’t letting his prized possession go!

Frog gets back, sits down, and proceeds to jam his boney elbow under my arm and physically throw it off the rest.

He looks at me and says it’s his because he was using it before.

I went zero to oh hell no in 0.2 seconds and was about to lay into him when I remember cute little nephew is with me. Breathe girl, breathe.

But OP wasn’t giving up that easily, and knew the perfect way to make this geezer back off!

Suddenly the devil on my shoulder whispers the best idea into my head and I evil grin. He wants the arm rest? Fine he can have it.

I proceed to lay my arm perfectly on top of his as if his arm is the arm rest, complete with hand over his.

He looks over at me in shock and I stare straight at him, silently daring him to say anything.

He pulls his arm back and spends the rest of the second act with his arms crossed and I sit comfortably, enjoying a wonderful show with my darling nephew.

Ok throwing her arm off the shared arm rest was crazy. If that were me, we would have been throwing hands during “Hakuna Matata!”

Reddit absolutely loved her revenge, but they loved her acronym usage even more!

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Haven’t these people ever seen Curb Your Enthusiasm?

No encroaching!

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