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Girlfriend Turned The Lights Out On Him While He Was Showering, So He Refused To Open The Door And Let Her In

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

I’m gonna go on the record and say that I think these two need some counseling…or a mediator…or SOMETHING.

Because their relationship sounds pretty whack to me!

Who’s to blame in this situation?

Let’s see what’s going on here…

AITA for not letting my GF into the bathroom?

“I was taking a shower and in the middle of it my GF suddenly knocks on the door and pulls the handle several times.


With the water running it was difficult to hear what she said.

She then proceeds to turn off the lights in order to get my attention.

I shout that once I’m done I will open the door, but she doesn’t want to turn the light back on until I open the door.

I get a bit irritated about the situation since I can’t really see anything and I’m near sighted on top of it being pretty dark.

That was ugly…

She wanted to go workout and brush her teeth beforehand.

After I was done we got in a bit of an argument since I said it was unnecessary to turn off the lights while I was in the shower, and that she just could have waited until I was done.

She starts ranting about wanting to head off so she’s at the gym before a certain time since then the treadmills would be taken and so on.

I just felt it was a bit unnecessary and now she headed off while the mood wasn’t particularly at it’s best.

AITA for not opening the door right away?”

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One person thinks they both SUCK.

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And one person thinks his girlfriend is an *******.

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I think these two need to have a long talk…

And maybe they need to break up!

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