April 16, 2024 at 5:21 am

He Found Out His Wife Was Cheating, So He Sabotaged Her Phone And Made Her Dread What Was Coming Next

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

All I can say about the story you’re going to read shortly is that these two people should NOT have ever been married…

At least that’s my opinion.

Why, you ask?

Just read on and you’ll see what I’m talking about…

Check out this revenge story from Reddit.


Revenge on my wife was sweet.

“My soon-to-be ex-wife was having an affair with a coworker.

I found out right before Covid, we were quarantined together so did some work to reconcile, and then things started going back to normal.

We were on vacation in Hawaii, and I had to use her phone to add her vaccine passport to return.

Then he saw it…

I saw she was still in contact with AP and texted him the entire trip. At this point I knew I was done.

However, instead of blowing up, and confronting her, I figured I needed to gather info and move on.

So…I deleted the text thread, and blocked his number. The next 24 hours before we left were amazing.

She clearly knew I had removed his contact, but she couldn’t confront me about it just in case I didn’t, and it’d expose her still sleeping and talking to him.

To watch her meltdown over the next day and being jittery and frantic still brings a tear to my eye.

Nothing was said on the many many hours flight home, and she was shaking. She knew something was coming.

This was the final straw.

Anyway, I waited 3 more days so I could set myself up to leave, and got the rest of those texts and hidden messages she had elsewhere.

I’m just proud of myself for being calm, cool, and collected at probably the most painful moment of my life.

She is but a memory now, and I have happily moved on.”

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I bet he’s glad that relationship is over!

Good riddance!

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