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He Wants To Wear His Kilt To A Formal Wedding. Everyone But His Girlfriend Says It’s Fine.

by Trisha Leigh

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Weddings, man. It’s so strange that an event that’s meant to bring people together ends up putting a stop to so many relationships.

That goes for guests and everyone else involved, too.

OP is invited to a wedding of some old friends.

Two of my friends (Kate and Max, not real names) are getting married to each other, and I received an invitation that included loose guidelines for attire, not quite a strict dress code, but guidelines for men to wear a formal suit and tie with the “Please reach out with any questions” addendum.

He reached out to ensure that his formal kilt would meet their attire requests.

Because I tend to wear a nice 8 yard kilt with a Prince Charlie or Braemar jacket and waistcoat when I am wearing formal attire I reached out to Kate to ask if it would be appropriate and told my girlfriend (Sara, also a fake name) that I hoped I could wear my kilt.

Before I received a reply Sara told me that I absolutely cannot wear my kilt because it wouldn’t be appropriate for a formal attire, mind you she has seen me in my kilt and PC for other formal events.

They said yes, but his girlfriend said she would be embarrassed if he wore it.

But she said that she would leave it if the bride said it was okay. So all was good for a few days.

Until Kate responded that it was great because Max would also be wearing a kilt as would a handful of other people at the wedding.
Initially Sara insisted that I still shouldn’t wear a kilt because I would stand out too much because I wont be in the wedding party, until I pointed out that Kate explicitly said that she already knew some guests would be wearing kilts.

She went pretty far to try to stop him, too.

But yesterday Max texted me because Sara had asked him to tell me not to wear my kilt, and he was weirded out because he knew that I would ask to wear my kilt and thought it was strange for her to ask him about it.

I was kind of hurt and when I asked why she asked Max to tell me not to wear a kilt she said that she thought it was the only way to get me not to embarrass her.

I kind of get the embarrassment angle, I do sometimes get stares when I’m wearing a kilt in public, and I know that she is introverted.

She also comes from a pretty conservative background and when we first met she hadn’t really encountered kilts before and she has had some misgivings about me wearing them in the past.

Now, he’s not sure he wants to take her as his +1.

I admit I got kind of mad and told her that I didn’t have to bring her as my plus one, because I was the one who was invited.

We got into an argument and she left pretty mad last night and I while I feel justified in my decision I also don’t know if I am in the wrong.

Let’s find out where Reddit stands on kilts!

The top commenter sees at least one red flag here.

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This person agrees he might want to reevaluate.

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They think this is all very tacky.

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And this person wonders what her actual issue is with the kilt.

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This commenter doesn’t see much of a future for them.

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If the couple getting married approve an outfit that should be the end of the story.

And going behind someone’s back to get your way is never a good look.

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