April 8, 2024 at 1:25 pm

Her Best Friend Said No Gifts Were Required at Her Baby Shower, But Things Got Ugly When She Didn’t Bring A Present

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

Call me crazy, but aren’t people supposed to bring a gift when they go to a baby shower?

That’s the way I always understood it!

But this woman had a different take on things…

Was she wrong?

Check out the story she wrote on Reddit and see what you think.

AITA for going to a baby shower without a gift?

“My (F22) best friend’s (F24) baby shower was last weekend. She invited me by email/digital card and called me to tell me about it.

When I checked the official invite email I noticed no gift registry.

I think that’s common for a shower? Always has been one to others I’ve been to.

Whatever you say!

I texted my friend and asked her if there was a registry and if I was missing it.

She responded “nope! Not about gifts for me, just come and bring your support!” or something like that.

The last sentence kind of implied to me that she wasn’t expecting gifts.


Well baby shower comes along and I’m the only one who didn’t bring a real gift there.

I gave my friend a nice card a couple days before the shower, just telling her how happy I am for her.

But I never bought a gift, and at the actual event I had nothing at all since I already gave her the card early, I kinda wanted it to be private.)

I feel dumb. She opens everything from her other friends, diapers, bottles, baby books, all the regular stuff, and there’s nothing at all from me. She kind of gives me a look but doesn’t say anything.

Here it comes…

Next day I get a text asking why I didn’t give her anything, not even something small. I explain she told me it wasn’t about gifts so I thought that would be expected.

She said I was dense and clearly got upset, then told me “you’re my best friend but you couldn’t even do the bare minimum.”

I would have bought her something if she didn’t say “it’s not about gifts” or there was a registry. It was an honest misunderstanding and I really do care about her.


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This is such typical manipulative behavior.

Grow up!

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