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Her Diabetic Husband Told Her He Needed To Eat. She Blamed Him For Ruining The Night When He Passed Out.

by Trisha Leigh

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We hear about diabetes all the time, and the fact that it’s so common can sometimes make it seem like it’s no big deal.

Untreated, though, it can lead to serious issues and complications that include death.

OP’s husband has type 1 diabetes.

My F/30 husband M/34 has diabetes.

He checks his blood-sugar regularly but I have no idea why he didn’t before we went out to meet some of my friends in the evening.

When they went to spend a long evening out with friends, he “forgot” to check his blood sugar.

I went to see some friends at an art museum and he came with me since all my friends had their partners go with them as well. while we were on tour, he kept whispering in my ear that he was suspecting his blood-sugar was low and he needed to eat.

I was dumbfounded I asked if he checked his blood-sugar before we left and he said no.

He told her he needed to eat, but she told him to wait.

I admit I was mad at him because this was neglect but he said that it didn’t matter anyway since it’s been 4hrs and he needed something to eat because he was feeling unbalanced.

I told him we couldn’t just leave the tour to go get food and asked him to hang on for a little longer.

Then he passed out and the evening was pretty much over.

10 minutes went by and then out of nowhere he fainted. it was horrific, but he regained his strength shortly after and some people helped by offering water and food.

The tour was cut short and we had to leave early, dinner was cancelled in the process which made me somewhat irritated because I felt like the entire evening was ruined and none of this would’ve happened had he done what he was supposed to do and checked his blood-sugar.

She thinks it’s his fault for not being responsible, but he thinks she’s being unkind.

He got offended and started arguing with saying that I was at fault for ignoring him when he complained about feeling unwell, then said the doctor advised against him staying without for long periods of time which is “what I did” meaning making him wait to eat.

He tried to insist it was my fault and claimed I cared more about a get-together with my friends than his health.

I replied that because of him, my friends will start excluding me from events just to avoid what happened earlier.

he saide F them then which I didn’t appreciate because I care about them.

We’ve both been arguing about what happened and he keeps saying he was sick and tired of me having my priorities messed up but i think it’s unfair because he’s an adult and can look after himself.


I wonder which side Reddit is coming down on…

This diabetic man says they both messed up.

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But this person thinks OP’s husband was ultimately responsible.

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This commenter agrees.

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Some even think the husband did it on purpose.

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This person thinks once it was obviously an issue, though, she should have addressed it.

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This is definitely a classic ESH situation.

That said, I would have been annoyed in her shoes, too.

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