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Her Mom’s Boyfriend And His Kids Moved In And Decided To Take Over Her Living Area. She Responded by Moving Out.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

This sounds like HELL to me.

Having some new people move into your house and then trying to take over your personal space? Especially if you’re a teenager?

No, thank you!

So was this teenager wrong for moving out of her house when she was faced with this dilemma?

Read her story below and see what you think.

AITA for moving out instead of sharing my living space which is causing a problem for my mom and her boyfriend?

“My dad passed away when I (F16) was like three. We lived in a house that my grandparents own and they agreed to let my mom and I live there rent free.

Over the years whenever my mom dated I tried to spend the nights she had “guests” over at my grandparents house.

When I was ten my grandfather renovated the basement to make me my own kind of apartment. I have my own bathroom, kitchen, and living room to go with my bedroom.

Things are changing…

My mom met a guy last year and it got serious. He moved in with his two kids. Which is fine by me. My mom deserves to be happy and have someone in her life.

There are three bedrooms upstairs so it is perfect. One for them and one for each of his kids.

Everything was going according to plan until the kids asked where I was staying. I said I lived on the basement. They made a joke about me living in my mom’s basement.

I invited them down to play Mario Kart to be sociable and to show off if I’m being completely honest.

I have a couch my uncle gave me and my dad’s old lazy boy in the living room. The recliner is only for me and all my friends know that.

And then, jealousy set in…

Thee kids started complaining that it wasn’t fair that I got all this room to myself. One tried sitting in my chair even after I told her that it was only for me.

I settled that immediately. It’s mine.

After a few races where I demolished them I said it was time for them to go back upstairs. They said no. I called my mom to come get them.

Over the course of the next week my mom started hinting that maybe my living room should be a common area. I said no. She started insisting. I said no.

She has a key to my door. I never locked my door unless she had guests. I did start locking it when Dan and his kids moved in.

This was NOT okay.

I came home from school and found the kids in my living room. They had also gone into my room. And they were eating my snacks. That I pay for myself. I yelled and told them to get out.

I called for my mom to explain why they were there. She said that she decided it wasn’t fair that I got almost a third of the house to myself and that my TV and gaming systems should be shared. I said **** that.

She got really upset with me and said it was a done deal so deal with it.

She decided it was time to go.

My grandfather and he and my uncles came and got me. And all the things that matter to me. Including my recliner. He told my mom that she needed to start paying rent if I wasn’t going to be living there.

I have a bedroom at my grandparent’s house but I miss my area.

My mom is trying to get me to go back so they can save money to get their own place. Yeah right. I’m not that dumb. She said that I need to stop being a brat and behave like an adult.

She fired back.

I said I was living like an adult until you let those kids onto my area without permission. She tried to say she could do whatever she wanted in her house. Sometimes I think she forgets it wasn’t my dad’s house and she didn’t inherit it.

I feel a little guilty about this because my mom is actually pretty cool and I don’t like that this is causing strain on her relationship.


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Yeah… she made the right move!

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