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Sister-In-Law Thought She Would Cause Trouble By Leaving Their Family Phone Plan. She Ended Up Losing Her Number Instead.

by Trisha Leigh

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Sometimes family is more trouble than they’re worth.

That said, getting them out of your life usually isn’t all that easy either.

This wife has beef with her sister-in-laws for what seems like good reasons.

So a few years back my husband reported his sister (B) for some very illegal stuff she was doing to her kids (not sure if I’m allowed to mention specifics on this sub).

Ever since then, 4 of his 5 siblings have been extremely upset with him and have repeatedly gone out of their way to make our lives difficult.

Well, a few weeks ago we learned that sister C had stolen a large sum of money from us.

My husband told her he was willing to let it go if she would agree to stop messing with us, otherwise he’d sue her for the money back and push for criminal charges.

One of them figured she’s stick it to them by leaving their family cell phone plan.

Once again, this has angered the family, so sister A, who has been on our phone plan for about 10 years decided it was time for her and her husband to leave the plan, immediately.

We share our plan with about 12 people and her leaving really messes with everyone else’s rates, so we’ve had to find people to fill their spots so we can keep our rate.

But this woman and her husband figured out how to stick it to yet another sister instead.

As we’ve been scrambling to get everything figured out, we’ve spoken to several reps who said that if we port their numbers out, it will close the line.

This would result in a rate increase for everyone, so we have to port the new people’s numbers over theirs, which will kick their numbers into the public database.

So yesterday was the day that we ported in a new number over sister A’s number.

When they realized she had no service on that number they panicked, got the phone company on the line, and tried to port the number out.

Only they’re not authorized users on the account, so they can’t do anything without my husband’s permission.

Now they are weathering the chaos.

Her husband conferenced my husband in to try to get access to the number and was begging us to let him keep it because their two factor authentications were having issues and whatnot.

My husband explained that if we release the number, everyone’s rates go up.

Brother-in-law had the audacity to say, “well that’s not my problem!”

Well, it’s not everyone else’s problem that she doesn’t like us.

So anyway, now they have to go through the process of changing their phone number everywhere it’s registered.

I can only imagine the disaster they’re cleaning up now.

Does Reddit understand what’s going on here? Let’s find out!

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Seriously, I can’t believe people live like this.

Get your own cell phone plan and move on.

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