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Her Spoiled Niece Is Staying With Her Family And Wants To Take Over The Dog’s Bedroom, But She Refuses To Budge On This Issue

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@izamarques

Boy, do I love dogs…

Big, small, young, old, smart, not so smart…

But giving a dog its own bedroom? That sounds a little strange, right?

Well, it happened in this Reddit story and this woman wants to know if she’s acting like a jerk to her niece.

Get the whole story below and see what you think.

AITA for refusing to give my niece our dog’s room?

“For the past month my 24 year old niece has been living with us.

I’ll call her Princess because that’s what her parents call her most of the time. She is a medical researcher (Studied medicine but wasn’t interested in the practical side of things more interested in the theoretical) and took up a position near where we live, and my sister convinced me to let her stay so she can save money.

She had reservations about this.

I was apprehensive because I know this girl has been coddled and babied since she was little.

We have a 4 bedroom house. Me and my husband, my son (16), my daughter (21) and our 4 year old Rottweiler Freddie.

I told sister that Princess would have to sleep on the sofa in the living room which she seemed OK with, but when she arrived both mother and daughter set about trying to convince me to clear out the dog’s room and let her sleep in it.

They weren’t on board with this arrangement.

Princess even said it would be OK to make him sleep outside because ”it’s just a dog”. It’s getting a lot colder now and I’d never let Freddie sleep outside.

I told Princess that this is where she’d sleep, take it or leave it, and she was and still is really sulky about it, sulking about how we think a dog is more important than her.

In all honesty I was right in thinking having Princess stay is more trouble than it’s worth.

She goes out clubbing and partying a lot and makes no effort to keep the noise down when she comes home in the early hours of the morning.

Since she’s arrived the living room smells of weed and that smell definitely wasn’t there before she came.

This girl is a BRAT.

She’s also rude to my kids. My daughter got engaged and we were all delighted, but Princess was lovely enough to say that if her BF had gotten her a ”cheap” ring like that she wouldn’t even get out of bed for the wedding.

Daughter was in tears because of this and both husband and I had a word with Princess, who then cried and phoned up her mother saying we were rude to her.

She’s not budging.

Had another phone call with sister today, and she still tried to convince me to put her daughter in the dog’s room.

I made clear this wasn’t happening and sister got upset with me saying how nasty it was to value pets over family.

I also said that her daughter was skating on thin ice and that I wouldn’t tolerate her behaviour for much longer.

Sister was very offended and said we should be happy to have her daughter there.

Sorry but how can I be happy to have a spoiled overgrown child who keeps trying to steal a room from a dog in my home?”

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Dogs come first!

At least in my house…

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