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His Daughters Abandoned Their Wheelchair-Bound Stepsister On Their Vacation, So He Told They Were Going Home And Couldn’t Be On The Trip Anymore

by Matthew Gilligan

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Have you ever had someone leave a vacation before it was over?

It can be pretty dramatic, no doubt about it!

And this guy, well…he went there!

But did he act like a jerk?

Get all the details below and see what you think.

AITA for driving my daughters home in the middle of the vacation after they excluded their stepsister?

“I (38M) have 2 daughters (Nora 16 & Lilly 14) from my former marriage. Got married to my current wife who has a daughter (Jenna, 11).

This kid has had a tough life.

Jenna has a disability, she’s in a wheelchair. before I met her mom her life was pretty much inside the house. She was homeschooled up until I got her in a private school, but she still struggles with socializing due to growing up isolated.

My wife didn’t want to but I pushed for Jenna to get therapy which I hoped would help with her relationship with Nora & Lilly, but the girls took their time to get to know her.

Yes they did exclude her from activities but I had several sit-downs with them in hopes of getting them to understand that Jenna is a normal girl and has so much in common with them so they shouldn’t feel like she’s difficult just because of her disability.

She was getting left behind.

I thought things were getting better….but days ago, and while we were at a beach resort for 4 days. Jenna stayed with us while the girls kept going out. During our 2nd day I saw the girls getting ready to get ice cream, I asked Jenna if she wanted to join them and she said yes.

I asked them to take her with them and they were “unsure” at first but then took her. An hour later my wife came to me saying that Jenna called her saying the girls left her near one of the benches and told her to wait 5 mins til they get ice cream but didn’t come back.

He was LIVID.

We went there immediately, found Jenna sitting alone while the girls were eating ice cream and hanging out at a different location. I got so mad at them especially after they admitted “leaving her there”.

I told them vacation was over FOR THEM and had them pack their stuff and took them home. Both of them were crying and pleading in the car while my wife and Jenna waited at the resort. I dropped the girls off and had my mom stay with them then I went back and resumed the vacation.

Both girls and their mom were all over me about this and their mom went on a rant about me favoring my stepdaughter over my biological ones and being a doormat for my wife. The girls were upset but I explained why I did what I did. Their mom defended them saying that I shouldn’t force them to “care” for their stepsister and expect them to be her “maids” and stop their life for her.

It got to my former inlaws who are now blaming me for ruining the much-awaited vacation for the girls and acting irrationally.

My question is whether I messed up and went too far with my reaction.

All I wanted was for them to be upfront and honest and not basically abandon her the way they did.”

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Yeah, I would have done the same thing.

Those girls needed to learn a lesson!

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