April 22, 2024 at 6:25 am

Employer Told Him To Prove He Was Asking For A Reasonable Raise, So He Landed A Job That Paid $20K More

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@thejonathanmoss

Did you ever worry you weren’t getting paid enough for your job but felt too afraid to ask for a raise?

I mean, sometimes it can be hard to know your worth.

Employee @thejonathanmoss said he wanted a raise, but after looking around at other jobs, landed an astonishing $20,000 salary hike!

Here’s what happened:

When @thejonathanmoss went for a raise at work, his boss said he needed to prove that other firms were offering a higher salary.

Source: TikTok/@thejonathanmoss
He told his followers he went for interviews with other companies and this was on his part “malicious compliance.”

During the clip, he talks about how he wasn’t happy with a salary increase in December so he went in to discuss a higher package.

“My boss wanted me to prove that other companies were offering the salary that I was asking for.”

So, he went off to interview for other similar jobs for three months and got a few offers – one that was $2,000 above his salary.

Another $6,000 above and a third offer – a tantalizing $20,000 above his wage!

Source: TikTok/@thejonathanmoss
He told his boss and then went into to ask for a $25,000 hike. Whooo!

“I had no intention in quitting. My job is close to where I live. I’ve been here long enough to have enough friends and co-workers which I like.”

Source: TikTok/@thejonathanmoss
“I like my manager. I like my bosses. I like what I do and where I do it at. Will I take the job at the other place? Probably not. But they didn’t know that.”

He eventually ended up getting a $21,000 pay increase.

He said if the company did decide to let him to, he still had the other offer “ready to go.”

Let’s hope this guy wins in the end because people were worried his employers might still let him go!

Watch the full clip here:


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Here’s what people thought of the clip:

People are worried about his future at the company!

Source: TikTok/@thejonathanmoss

Everyone is literally anxious about what’s gonna happen!

Source: TikTok/@thejonathanmoss

Folks are literally crying out not to train the guy!

Source: TikTok/@thejonathanmoss

Everyone is worried.

He seems to feel good about how things went down, though.

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