April 17, 2024 at 4:33 pm

His Girlfriend Spoke To Her Friend In Russian And Admitted Her Infidelity, So He Revealed He Understood The Language All Along And Told Her To Get Out

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@whereispykh

Never assume anything, my friends

And you should never, EVER assume that people don’t know what languages you speak or don’t speak.

Which brings us to today’s story!

Did this guy act like an *******?

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AITA for not telling my girlfriend I speak Russian (her native language)?

“My girlfriend is from Russia and I self taught myself russian and I later lived in Ukraine for a bit so I basically speak almost perfect Russian.

He kept it quiet.

I started dating Diana 4 weeks ago. The relationship was pretty good and I never felt the need to speak to her in russian as her English is good and I figured that if she doesn’t know I know russian perhaps I can see if she’s actually loyal or if she’ll talk **** about me etc.

And then he got a dose of reality.

We broke up when I found out she was chеаting on me.

I found out when she was at my place talking on the phone to a friend and she explained how she slept with another guy twice when I was gone and she was lonely and how she feels she made a mistake.

He let her have it.

I said in russian “you’re right you made a mistake and you can get out of my apartment now.”

She’s completely shocked and is asking me how I know russian.

She’s cursing me out saying I’m such a jerk for violating her privacy by not telling her I know russian and being able to understand her private conversations.

I told her she has to leave or she’ll be forcibly removed.

People unloaded on him.

I got a barrage of texts and calls from other mutual friends saying I’m such a jerk for not telling her I speak Russian and how much personal stuff I’ve overheard.

I told them they’re a bunch of stupid jerk for thinking I’m the bad one on the relationship when she cheated on me and that fact proves I was right to not tell her I speak russian to find this out.”

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I don’t think these two were meant to be together…

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