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His Roommates Didn’t Chip In For Cleaning Supplies, So He Let Them Put Dishwashing Soap In The Dishwasher And Watched It Explode With Bubbles

by Abby Jamison

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When roommate frustrations build, it can push people to drastic measures.

In this case, it created a messy situation that left this guy laughing hysterically!

Let’s hear the full story…

Some petty college roommate revenge I still laugh at, decided I’d write it down for others to enjoy.

When I was a 19m (Now 25m) in college I had 3 assigned roommates.

They didn’t buy any of the necessities like food, toilet paper, cooking oil, cleaning supplies, paper towels etc.

I was buying pretty much everything, which I definitely couldn’t afford but I wanted to be nice.

I said I was fine with them using my things as long as they replaced them.

Whenever they used something up low and behold they never replaced it, I’d just find it missing.

So he started dropping hints…

They would start mentioning we were missing it, and add “we should get more.”

I would say “then buy some”, then they’d change the subject.

If they did buy something they put it in their own room.

I was being polite but inside I was burning with a white hot fury infuriated beyond belief.

So pretty much a classic story of college dudes. I’m sure there are plenty of people who can relate here.

Anyway, fast forward to an early morning class.

We enter the scene of the crime…

I’m getting ready to leave, And my roommate is putting dishes in the dishwasher before he goes to class.

The previous night I told him he needed to start doing dishes because he constantly cooked and never cleaned🧼.

I was really happy to see it was getting done, he was also getting ready for class.

I was grabbing a bite to eat when He said “we need more dishwasher pods.”

I said “buy them.” He paused, then said dish soap would work (also mine).

I told him not to and it would suds up and just buy the dumb pods.

He said to believe him and it would work.

He proceeded to fill the cap, started it and went to shower for class.

This is where he gets revenge…

I proceeded to end the cycle and dump about a cup or more of dishwasher detergent in out of spite, then start it again.

I went to class munching on a bagel excited for the text he might send.

It felt good to think of what he’d find after the shower.

Went to class and 40m later (yes he showered for 40m every day) I got a Snapchat of our apartment and I swear to god Reddit there was suds everywhere it was awesome.

We could’ve hosted a bubble run or a nightclub with the bubbles in that apartment.

Wish I still had the photo it was insane I didn’t realize how many bubbles could be made from one dishwasher I mean I anticipated a lot but it was way more.

He got the outcome he wanted…

It was so much it was up to his chest. He had to cancel going to class to clean it and then bought pods.

I still laugh about his reaction. He said “holy crap I really didn’t think it would be that bad”.

I’d add in yeah man I really thought that was gonna work. Would’ve been a great life hack to not buy pods.

He apologized. Started pitching in more with things. The end 😂

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Seems like a little revenge helped this guy whip his roommate into shape.

Many stories don’t end on quite such a happy note.

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