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His Wife Got Injured Badly After She Ignored His Warnings, So He Really Let Her Have It

by Matthew Gilligan

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People, let me give you some life advice: if you aren’t athletic and don’t regularly climb trees, DON’T EVEN TRY IT.

Because something terrible might happen to you, like what went down in this story.

Did the guy who wrote it act like a jerk?

Let’s take a look…

AITA for yelling at my wife because she badly injured herself trying to get our cat out of a tree?

“Our cat got out and we discovered him sitting on a tree.

It was high but close enough to the roof that I (28m) figured he must’ve jumped over from the roof and he could jump back. He was meowing loudly, I don’t know why, but my wife (26f) thought it was a cry for help and decided to climb up to get him down.

He tried to tell her.

I told her he was fine and would come back down on his own, and if he didn’t, we could think of something else like getting a mattress to break his fall but she didn’t listen to me and tried to climb it.

I told her to at least wait till I can borrow a ladder from a neighbor since we didn’t have one but she said if we waited too long he’d jump and hurt himself (he was being very loud at that stage).

I said he’s just being dramatic and if he’s not let’s just think of something else because the tree was very high for a human.

She tried to climb up from the ground but it didn’t work so she went inside and climbed up on the roof from a window and then climb from there to the tree.

The whole time I was yelling at her what a stupid idea that was because there was no way she’d catch her footing and there was a serious chance the branch he was on wouldn’t be able to support her weight but she didn’t listen to me and fell down when she tried to steady herself on the branch.

This was not good.

She had a major cervical fracture, head injury, other broken bones and came this close to breaking her neck. She had to get two surgeries and it was extremely anxiety-inducing. Two weeks later, she is still in the hospital but on the mend.

She started joking about the fall and joked that it was probably because of our black cat’s bad luck. At that point, the anger over her recklessness that I hadn’t felt because I’d been so worried came to the surface and I told her it was entirely her own fault.

She got defensive and said she couldn’t have predicted it at which point I yelled that I predicted it and told her exactly what would happen five times before she went ahead and did it. And the cat got down on his own before the ambulance got there anyway, just like I said.

That didn’t go very well…

Then she started crying and I started crying and she said I was being horrible but I said i can’t just not point how wrong she was for making a very reckless choice that nearly killed her, gave her very painful and possibly long term injuries, and made me and her parents think for hours that her life was on the line.

I got back and her parents called me to tell me what a jerk I was and that she told them to tell me not to come back to the hospital unless I apologize and never bring it up again but I need to talk this through with her and can’t just let it go.”

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I think these two need to go to therapy.

Good grief!

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