April 10, 2024 at 2:28 am

His Wife Wouldn’t Pay Attention To Him During Their Vacation, So He Threw Her Phone Out Of The Window

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@threwphoneaita

I’m simultaneously amused and kind of horrified by this story.

Yes, some folks spend WAY too much time on their phones and it can be incredibly annoying. But throwing someone’s phone out of a window? That’s intense!

But did this guy go too far?

Read on and see what you think.

AITA for throwing my wife’s phone out the window because she wouldn’t stop texting her friend while we’re at the cottage?

“Still at the cottage and my wife isn’t talking to me.

They’re at a cottage for a reason…

It’s not even our cottage, it’s my parents’ and we were supposed to be here to work on our marriage because we’ve been having issues.

Not huge issues, but issues.

Nobody’s cheated or gambled all our money or anything. But she couldn’t stop messaging her “writing friend.”

Sounds kind of weird…

All they do is talk about their characters or roleplay them with each other.

My wife is looking for a serious career in writing, and she is a great writer, but this is literally just for fun.

She’s never going to publish this dark academia borderline fanfiction she’s writing, and she knows it (this isn’t my opinion, she’s said this).

I mean I would still be mad with her working while we’re supposed to be spending time together, but this is worse.I told her I wanted her to focus on me and our relationship, and she said she would, she’s just had a new stream of ideas she can’t control.

REALLY weird…

Which again, I could excuse if this was publishable stuff, but it’s just her and her friend pretending to be two university students in love.

But I did something really bad. I tried to initiate with her last night, and she rejected me, which is fine because it happens obviously, nobody’s in the mood all the time, but then she just went right on her phone roleplaying these guys.

Here it comes!

I grabbed her phone and threw it out the window.

The phone is fine, she has a good case (which I knew, I wasn’t trying to break it), but she called me a piece of **** and a ton of other things and isn’t speaking to me today.

I know no matter what I’m the ******* in all honesty, I’m just curious over whether this is an everybody sucks situation or not, and I have nothing else to do because she won’t talk to me.”

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I’m sorry, but there was another way to handle this.

I’m going against the comments on this one… he was indeed the ***hole.

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