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HOA Tried To Raise The Fees On The Homes Of People Who Didn’t Pay, So He Put A Lien On The President’s $20 Million Home

by Trisha Leigh

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I don’t think anyone likes living with an HOA – except maybe the people who somehow benefit from being on the HOA board.

No one likes to spend extra money, of course, by spending money and getting nothing in return? No thanks.

OP’s building has an HOA and the residents were getting upset about things going un-fixed regardless.

So I bought a condo in a building in a large city in the US about 2.5 years ago. The building has an HOA that we all pay into monthly.

Since I’ve lived here, the building has rapidly deteriorated and we have all hired an attorney for a class action style lawsuit. I’m talking broken elevators, broken rooftop AC units, the pool was empty for four months during the summer, etc.

The people in the building are great though, and we are a friendly bunch.

He took the HOA to court because they failed to provide information to the residents about where the money was spent.

Last year, I took the HOA to Small Claims court because they failed to provide financial documents that show us how our fees are being spent.

As this is a legal requirement for all HOAs in my state, I won the case and was awarded the $30 filing fee plus $1, symbolic (I sued for documents, not money).

The fact that they can’t provide the docs as they are legally required to do is a separate issue among others including possible criming that we’ve hired the attorneys for.

He won, but the president still hadn’t paid him the court-ordered money.

I have asked the HOA to pay the $31 to me, and the president of the HOA wants to either meet me somewhere private to give it to me, or he wants to mail me a Satisfaction of Judgement form, have me sign it, and mail it back to him and then he will mail me a check. No to both!

Then, the HOA informed them of an “emergency” increase.

Three days after I won the case, the HOA announced that they were going to charge us all a special assessment of about $1000 each and an increase in our monthly dues of 10%.

In my state, a membership vote gets triggered if you charge a special assessment that brings the building more than 5% its yearly income, which means 51% of the owners must approve of the assessment for it to take effect.

As this $$$$ is about 20% of our yearly income, a vote should have taken place.

When we asked about this vote, the HOA said that it was being made under an emergency clause, which means that the membership vote doesn’t have to take place. The emergency? Fixing the elevator that broke on Dec 24, 2021.

The spirit of the emergency clause is for things like fire, earthquake, flood, etc, not a broken elevator that has been broken for a year already.

They put a lien on the property of those who didn’t pay.

When there was understandable pushback, the HOA sent out a little email stating that anyone who didn’t pay the assessment would have a lien put on their unit.

The liens came down yesterday to those that couldn’t pay $1000 on short notice (our attorneys told us that even though the money is in dispute, we still have to pay it, and I did pay mine, but we also have a lot of retirees/lower income people in the building).

So, OP put a lien on the president’s home for his $31.

The HOA president’s house is currently on the market for $20m. I just got back from the courthouse where I filed a $31 lien against it for $140, clouding its title.

It’s a matter of principle, not money. Now the title can’t change hands until he pays me my $31 and I am perfectly within my rights to collect on a judgement owed 🙂

Now, it’s just a waiting game.

The top comment says this is the essence of petty.

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This person admires OP’s commitment.

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And it’s legal.

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This commenter came up with quite a bop.

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Some people love to rain on parades.

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I still think this was a good one.

At least the guy will know that not everyone will just bow down to him.

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