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Husband Refuses To Drop An Argument About Social Media In Front Of Her Family, So She Ends Up Kicking Him Out Of The House

by Ryan McCarthy

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Some people really love a good debate. And not just about things they’re passionate about, but about anything they get the chance to argue about!

The plot of an old TV show episode, the origin of a joke or bit, even matters of opinion like whether steak is best medium or medium rare!

Its like they never want the argument to end. They’re not there to change your mind, but rather express their opinion in the most minute and absolute detail.

Well from the sounds of this user’s story, her and her husband are this exact type of person.

But when her husband refused to drop an argument about Twitter in front of her whole family, their repeated heated exchanges ended with him being kicked out of the house!

Did she go too far? Check it out!

AITA for kicking my husband out of the house for repeatedly arguing in front of my family about whether or not a certain website is a cesspool?

Background: My husband and I are both argumentative people who have sort of “tough” personalities (I’m a lawyer and he’s retired military).

We argue frequently about facts or politics, but these are usually good-natured and humorous.

But I try not to do this if we’re socializing or at family events, since no one wants to watch another couple argue.

Almost a year ago, we hosted two of my older relatives at our house for a few days. All was well until the topic of social media came up at dinner.

Their argumentative personalities soon got them in trouble when a particular website came up in front of their relatives.

I mentioned something about how Twitter was a toxic waste dump, full of hostility. My husband decides this is something to argue about and says that’s not true.

So we start arguing about it, and he’s getting angry. Our guests were clearly becoming uncomfortable and quiet.

Eventually he furiously says “this conversation is over”, gets up, and abruptly leaves the room. I’m left in awkward silence, and have to apologize to my relatives.

After they left, I told him how upset I was, that he made us look like two psychos arguing over something so stupid, and that wasn’t a normal way to act with guests.

He apologized, said he wouldn’t do it again, and admitted to me that Twitter was awful and didn’t know why he even argued about it.

For some reason, OP’s husband picked this hill to die on, and started the fight back up again.

Six months later, we were visiting with another relative and he did THE SAME THING. About the same topic!

I don’t know how it came up, but he angrily argued til it was awkward and uncomfortable. After that, I was VERY UPSET.

Once again, he apologized and promised me it wouldn’t happen again.

About a month ago, he told me on his own accord that he was thinking of deleting Twitter because it was such a cesspool.

But even THAT wasn’t the last of the argument, much to OP’s chagrin.

Then at Thanksgiving hosted by my cousin yesterday, he does it AGAIN. We’re sitting at the table having a pleasant conversation.

My brother mentioned that after the initial argument, it had concerned my older relative so much that she had told my family she was concerned for our marriage.

So the twitter topic came up, and ONCE AGAIN he starts arguing about it in a hostile manner, til the table was uncomfortable and quiet.

Finally I said “are you seriously going to gaslight me again on this topic? Did you not just tell me you were thinking of quitting Twitter because it’s such a toxic waste-dump??”

And he says “not in those exact words”.

OP had had more than enough, and the car ride home was spent in silence.

I was furious he did this to me AGAIN, and we didn’t speak on the ride home or for the rest of the night. Today, he says nothing to me and doesn’t bother to acknowledge it or apologize.

I feel like I’m married to some big domineering gorilla that likes to make displays to show he’s in charge and make everyone bow down to his foul moods.

He doesn’t even actually disagree or care about this topic, so I don’t know why he does this.

And so OP decided to protect her peace, and told him to hit the road.

Finally I boil over and tell him I want him to leave the house, three strikes and you’re out.

He just asks “for how long” and I said I don’t know. He then stormed around angrily, got his stuff, and left.

The wildest part of this whole story is that he AGREED with OP. What was the fighting about? Why keep turning it into an issue?

I genuinely feel like some people just love to fight, and will argue back and forth for hours just for the sake of arguing. OP’s husband sounds like one of those people.

Reddit was quick to point out that OP was just as much contributing to this problem as her husband was.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And many wondered what the argument even hoped to accomplish in the first place, and why they couldn’t just agree to disagree.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This user said that if that’s how OP and her husband act in private, then it only makes sense thats how they would act in front of others.

Source: Reddit/AITA

But not everyone was in agreement, with this user saying there was nothing wrong with debating, but OP’s husband making it public crossed the line.

Source: Reddit/AITA

And finally, this user suspected the argument was not really about twitter at all.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Their relationship sounds absolutely exhausting!

I don’t know if I could handle arguing every day about such asinine stuff.

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