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Husband Shares The Story Of How His Petty Mother Ruined $9,000 Gender Reveal Party Over An Argument They Had

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@candacenysm

Gender reveal parties are getting crazier and crazier. At this point it feels like everyone is trying to outdo each other for the most ridiculous way to reveal their baby’s gender.

Pink airplane chemtrails, firing a rifle to have blue smoke pop out, there was even a couple in Milwaukee that used an explosion to reveal they were having a boy!

But very rarely does the drama at the baby reveal come not from the reveal itself, but from the participants!

Well unfortunately thats exactly what happened to this couple when the husband’s Mother pulled the fire alarm to ruin their reveal party after they got in an argument!

Check it out!

Source: TikTok/@candacenysm

Wesley starts his video by explaining this wasn’t his family’s first gender reveal party.

But since him and his wife, Candace, weren’t as wealthy at the time of their twins’ reveal, they really wanted this one to be special, and his wife soon took charge of the planning.

“Candace asks her Mom and her sister to help plan it, and they pick the date, they pick the location, and they pick the theme. We got it all booked, so we decide to update our friends and family.”

But Wesley says this is where things started to hit a snag, particularly when they involved his Mom.

Source: TikTok/@candacenysm

Wesley’s mom responds to the invite and asks if the couple needs any help planning it, but Candace responds that her and her sister are already planning it.

“I guess this is where my Mom got offended, because she responds back ‘That’s not what I asked.”

Taking her mother-in-law’s comment in stride, she responds that they do not need any help, but that they might need help setting up the day of the party.

“My mom responds ‘Am I going to get paid?” And Candice just nicely asked why would you need to get paid to help? And she responded because I’m not your f****** maid.”

Source: TikTok/@candacenysm

And when his wife ran into their room with tears in her eyes, Wesley called his Mom and told her she was never going to speak to Candace like that again, and that she wasn’t invited to the reveal!

“There is a grand total of zero people that are ever going to cuss out my wife. I hung up the phone, blocked her.” And even when his Mom incessantly apologized, he held his ground.

“Fast forward a couple months to the day of the reveal. I get another text from my Mom. She simply says ‘Can I please come today?'”

But again, he said no, and that he was sticking to the boundary they had set, despite the fact that it would be uncomfortable with so many of her close friends attending.

But surprisingly, during the party, Candace told Wesley that his Mom could come if he wanted her to. So after confirming with his wife, Wesley invited her, and she agreed to come.

Source: TikTok/@candacenysm

“Now here’s where stuff gets so weird, because the timing of it makes no sense. 25 minutes passed and my Mom is nowhere to be found. She lives maybe 10 minutes away, so she should be here.”

But Wesley explained they had a whole video countdown set up with interviews with the two of them and family memories, so they weren’t just going to postpone the whole thing.

“I guess she doesn’t want to come. Maybe she’s being petty. I don’t know.”

Source: TikTok/@candacenysm

But in the middle of their countdown, disaster struck.

“I will never forget second 13, because at second 13, the fire alarm goes off. And not only the fire alarm, all of the lights shut off, and the emergency lights kick on.”

Everyone obviously thought there was fire, so they run outside of the building, only to find a familiar face.

“I look over, at the side of the crowd, and I see my mom, sitting on the curb smoking a cigarette. I looked at Candace and I said ‘Is that my mom’?

And Candace soon started connecting dots. “Wesley, she has a cigarette in her hand. Do you think she set off the fire alarm?”

Source: TikTok/@candacenysm

And even with her past behavior, Wesley still doubted she could have done that to them. Candace wasn’t as convinced, and made them go up and ask her.

“My Mom’s like, no, I just got here. I’ve been outside smoking a cigarette. But her pant legs were wet, so that means she definitely was inside of the building.”

Candace was convinced her mother-in-law was responsible, and while Wesley agreed that all signs pointed to her, he still was unsure.

Check out his incredible story for yourself!


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TikTok seemed to be on Candace’s side, but many people were just happy Wesley didn’t let his mother walk over her.

Source: TikTok/@candacenysm

This user suggested the couple consult the venue’s security tapes!

Source: TikTok/@candacenysm

And this user loved hear the way Wesley talked about his wife.

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Many wondered why she would ask how she could help, but then expect to be paid.

Source: TikTok/@candacenysm

And finally, this user imparted some old wisdom about found family vs blood family.

Source: TikTok/@candacenysm

My question is, did we ever learn if the baby was a boy or a girl? Wasn’t that the whole point!

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