April 22, 2024 at 6:33 pm

Wedding Photographer Has Gone Viral For All The Wrong Reasons. – ‘If my wedding photos looked anything like those, I would request a refund.’

by Ryan McCarthy

Source: TikTok/@haussdrama

If your wedding is the most special day of your life, then it only makes sense you’d want the photos to remember it forever.

Photos are the way we keep those memories alive in our homes for years to come – so if someone screws your photos up, thats a sin you’re not very likely to forgive!

Unfortunately for a wedding photographer who went viral for her blurry photos, TikToker @haussdrama was none too impressed with her “artsy” shots!

Source: TikTok/@haussdrama

Her video starts by quoting the video of a wedding photographer.

“When someone inquires for Wedding photography with a $2k budget and I send back my starting prices of $8.5k.”

The photographer’s unfortunate song choice for her video sings “You think I’m psycho don’t you mama…” to which she responds “Maybe just a tiny little bit!”

The photographer is now facing a lot of backlash because of her high price point, so @haussdrama decides to check out her work for herself.

Source: TikTok/@haussdrama

The first picture she chooses is a….. a slightly blurry picture of someone’s beat up old dress shoes.

“I can see the intent, right? Going for that old-timey rustic…. I dare say you did not capture what you thought you did.”

Source: TikTok/@haussdrama

Another pictures of blurry rings caught her attention, and not in a good way.

“What I can see is she’s a very big fan of blurry photos. I just feel like the jewelry placement, it’s not working. It’s really not.”

Source: TikTok/@haussdrama

But what really drew her fury was the photographer’s photos of wedding dresses, which she thought were less than stellar.

“Possibly one of the most unflattering photos that you could take of a wedding dress is just on a blank wall on a wooden hanger. It’s giving nothing.”

Source: TikTok/@haussdrama

And while she was all for people getting paid what they’re worth, she definitely wasn’t sold on this photographer.

“If you think you are worth $8500, go ahead and charge for the $8500. But if I got my wedding photos back and they looked anything like those, I would request a refund.”

I have to agree! I would be extremely upset if the photos of my wedding were blurry photos of my wingtips!

Check out her video for yourself!


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♬ original sound – 🍉Haussdrama🍉

The comments were in just as much disbelief as she was, with people saying the photos in focus must cost extra!

Source: TikTok/@haussdrama

And this user said it was giving more vision issues than it was artistic statement!

Source: TikTok/@haussdrama

Many were reminded of the pictures their little ones take when they’re given the camera.

Source: TikTok/@haussdrama

And finally, this user actually had a really cute idea for wedding photos: disposable cameras!

Source: TikTok/@haussdrama

$8500 for blurry photos?

Maybe I need to become a wedding photographer!

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