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‘It’s not my fault you’re single.’ – Woman Confronts Bitter Coworker Who Complained About The Daily Gifts Her Husband Sends Her

by Ryan McCarthy

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Public displays of affection can get a little awkward. There’s the obvious examples of an oblivious couple french kissing in broad daylight, but there are even more awkward ways to show your love.

Singing grams? Now there’s something that makes me want to crawl out of my skin.

Maybe I’m just traumatized from high school, where they had 4 guys from the Chorus go around and sing whatever song anyone with $5 chose, which led to some…. interesting moments.

But that being said, as uncomfortable as I am with it, there’s nothing wrong with gifts like that. If the person receiving enjoys it, that’s all that matters.

But this user’s coworker apparently would disagree, as she complained about OP’s husband having small gifts delivered to the office everyday, only to get told she was being bitter and jealous!

Check it out!

AITA for telling my coworker that it’s not my fault that she’s single when she said that it’s not okay for my husband to send me gifts at our workplace?

My (26F) husband (50M) sends me gifts at work every day since we started dating.

He usually sends me a rose and a coffee with a note wishing me a good day or telling me that he loves me, sometimes he sends me chocolates or food from my favorite restaurant, etc.

He’s a very romantic and attentive man and I love that but my coworker (40’sF) doesn’t like it at all.

But one gift in particular sent this coworker over the edge!

Yesterday he sent me croissants and a coffee with a note saying he loved me. When my coworker saw it she said I should tell him to stop, that it’s not appropriate to receive gifts every day.

Another coworker told her that she was being bitter and that it’s nice to have such a loving husband, that since I’m pregnant it was understandable that he spoiled me so much.

But she insisted that it is not appropriate in any way, and that if he doesn’t stop she will talk to our boss.

She said she will tell him that she feels uncomfortable and that I’m not being professional enough and that she wants another officemate.

And since she was so keen to air her grievances, OP decided to return the favor!

And that made me so mad because I’m professional enough, the things my husband sends me don’t bother anyone, and they’re not a distraction to me.

So I told her that it is not my fault that she is single and does not receive anything from anyone.

I said maybe if she were not so bitter someone would send her at least a coffee.

She got angry and now she told everyone that I was rude and that if I don’t apologize, she will talk to HR to see “what they can do with me”.

I told her that I didn’t think of being single as a bad thing, I only said it because she sounded like an envious person, that’s all, but apparently what I said hurt her.

OP also offered some more information to help understand the whole conflict.

I think I should clarify that he does not show up to my work to deliver the gifts in person.

He sends me breakfast because I can’t have breakfast early in the morning, so when he goes to work he stops by my favorite cafe and tells them where the order should be delivered.

The owners are his friends so he gives them the notes to be delivered with the order.

And last but not least, I receive the order at the entrance, nobody receives the order for me, that’s why I don’t understand what bothers her so much.

She also revealed that the gifts weren’t the only thing her coworker had her nose bent out of joint about.

Also, it bothers her that I put photos of my children and my husband on my desk.

Which doesn’t even make sense because those photos are on my side of the office, sadly this is not the first time she says that I am being unprofessional.

Apparently for her having photos of your children in the office is not professional. So I don’t know how I should act to please her.

Sounds like OP is working with a bitter Betty! Complaining about pictures of someone’s kids? How miserable do you have to be?

And while Reddit understood that this coworker should have minded her business, they also thought OP was no better by going for a personal attack on her.

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And many thought that getting public gifts every single day was a little over the top.

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This user thought OP should be secure in her own happiness, and that she didn’t need to rub it in the face of the whole office.

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But this user came in with a good point, that these “gifts” were just her husband having meals delivered to her!

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Finally, this user agreed, saying Reddit would be reacting differently to a wife sending food to her husband every day.

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Am I the only one who thinks its ridiculous to get mad at other people receiving gifts?

It does not affect you in the SLIGHTEST!