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Lazy, 20-Year-Old Stepson Has Been Fired From A Bunch Of Jobs, So He Told Him That If It Was Up To Him He’d Have Kicked Him Out Of The House Long Ago

by Matthew Gilligan

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Nobody wants to hear that, now do they?

I’m talking about being called a L-O-S-E-R.


But this guy went there…and now he wants to know if he took things too far!

Check out his story and see what you think.

AITA for calling my stepson a loser and telling my wife “if I had it my way he’d be out of the house” ?

“I’m a 50 year old man.

I’ve been married to my wife since the fall of 2019. I have 2 boys with my ex wife, both successful, in their late 20s, and married. One has a kid on the way.

My wife has one son (Kevin). He’s 20 and lives with us. He and my wife moved in with me after we got married. I have the room because I was alone in the house.

He and Kevin aren’t on the same page.

I have never really seen eye to eye with Kevin. I love sports. My boys excelled at baseball and football in highschool and some college. Kevin is the type that can’t be bothered with sports.

Which is okay, but it means one less thing we can bond over. He’s never really seen me as a father figure and I never really saw him as a son. But I provide for him since he lives with us.

Kevin flunked out of college after his first year (he doesn’t care, his friend is starting a company after college and promised Kevin a job), and has now been fired/quit from his 4th job since.

This conversation happened after he was fired again, but I will provide backstory first.

Oh, boy…

First job: Target. He quit because his boss yelled at him. I asked why. Because Kevin was late. Kevin sarcastically said target didn’t lose any money for him being 20 minutes late.

Second job: Starbucks. They wanted him to work some morning shifts, Kevin refuses to wake up before 11 AM. So he quit.

Third job; a local grocery store. He was fired under the suspicion he was stoned. I believe it. Kid smokes like a chimney. It’s not my place to tell him to stop though.

Fourth job: a friend of mine hired him on his landscaping crew. He was fired because he was no call/no showing. I was embarrassed because I knew the guy.

Apparently Kevin had a problem with being on his phone, when the boss (my friend) corrected him, Kevin said he has no right to tell him what to do with his property.

He was done!

After this, I refused to acknowledge Kevin much. Kevin was talking with his mom, (his mom is the most amazing woman I’d ever met) but goes soft on Kevin IMO.

She was doing her usual “it’s ok sweetie” routine and my blood boiled.

I yelled “NO it’s NOT okay. He’s a LOSER”.

I’ll admit I raised my voice.

Then I said “Kevin you’re lucky I love your mother with all my heart, because if it was up to me, you’d be out of this house”

He’s had enough of this kid.

My wife snapped at me, and I responded that Kevin is 20 and needs to start finding a direction in life.

He flunked out of college and can’t hold a job that 15 year olds are able to do. I suggested he go spend 2 weeks living with my son, and he would whoop his *** into shape.

Kevin cried, told me that the worst day of his life was when his mom married me.

My wife got very upset with me, which is fair. I flew off the handle. But IMO he has been babied and that’s why he acts this way. I think he needed someone to give it to him straight.

He even started applying for jobs again after this, so I think my yelling worked.

Wife is still angry and wants me to apologize.”

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Harsh… but fair?

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