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Man Defends His Mother After She Tells His Pregnant Wife That Her Wedding Is Much More Exciting Than “Someone Else’s Baby”

by Ryan McCarthy

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In an ideal world, our partners and our parents would get along perfectly well.

They would meet and time would slow down, rainbows would appear in the sky and small adorable woodland creatures would run around their feet with smiles on their face.

But unfortunately, this is the real world, and our parents and parents sometimes end up having MAJOR beef.

Take this user’s story, where he was forced to get in between his wife and his Mother after his Mother said she wasn’t excited about “someone” else’s baby.

Check it out!

AITA for defending what my mom said about our unborn baby and telling my wife to stop picking fights with her?

My mom and my wife do not get along, probably never will.

I told my mom right off the bat that my partner was going to come first, and my mom said she understands that.

But I can’t make her like her and that set the tone for our current distant relationship.

And with that lovely preface, OP said his wife becoming pregnant with their first child only made their rocky relationship rockier.

My wife is currently pregnant with our first child. My mom did make a brief appearance at the shower, and gave to be honest a pretty lousy gift.

I know that sounds entitled, but based on her income it was kind of lousy.

My MIL on the other hand is over the moon and seems to think this is her do over baby. She talks about nothing but the baby.

Both extremes are annoying to be honest. Anyway we saw my mom recently at a wedding and were all seated at the same table.

And OP said a comment made by his Mom at this wedding was the kiss of death for the whole ordeal.

Some people at the table were talking about my mom’s upcoming wedding and making a big deal about it, and asking a lot of questions.

My MIL turned the topic back to the baby shower and then commented that my mom really doesn’t seem excited.

My mom laughed it off and said she is getting married. She literally doesn’t care about anything else.

And OP’s wife was understandably upset, but OP’s Mom only doubled down!

I could see the hurt on my wife’s face. My wife demanded to know who would say something like that.

My mom said nothing person, but her wedding is much more exciting to her than someone else’s baby.

My MIL was horrified and reminded my mom that it was her grand baby.

My mom said yes, so not her baby, but her wedding. My wife mouthed to my mom “I literally hate you” and that was the end of that.

That may have been a little far sure, but in a completely bizarre move, OP decided to take his Mom’s side on the issue.

After we left I brought up to my wife that I don’t think what she said was fair.

They don’t like each other. My mom understands not liking the mom means she won’t be close to our child, and to be honest she’s right.

It isn’t her child, but it is her wedding. I get why that is more exciting for her.

My wife was very offended, said I shouldn’t have taken my mom’s side, and said I disrespected our baby.

I cannot even begin to imagine the rancid vibes at that table. I’m a drama-lover, a drama-enthusiast if you will, and even I would have to leave!

Reddit was pretty split on this one, and the comments soon got about as messy as that dinner table conversation!

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And this user said even if she was excited for her wedding, could she not muster up a little bit of excitement for her literal grandchild?

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Another person blamed an entirely different person, OP’s mother-in-law!

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But this user thought that her callous attitude towards her own future grandchild was inexcusable.

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And finally, this user brought yet another person into the blame game, saying OP’s wife was using her child as a way to toy with OP’s Mom.

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I’m exhausted just reading this story!

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