April 27, 2024 at 8:38 am

Parents Let Pregnant Daughter Move In To Their In-Law Suite, But She Expects Brother To Baby-Proof Everything Because She’s Planning On Running A Daycare

by Ryan McCarthy

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When you’re a kid, living with your family leads to all different types of fights.

Who chooses what to watch on TV, who gets the shower first, who gets the car that night…. the list goes on and on.

But if you live with your family as an adult? Well that’s a whole different set of arguments!

This brother learned that the hard way when his pregnant sister unexpectedly moved into his parents’ in-law suite on his property, and then asked him to baby-proof his whole side of the house!

Check it out!

AITA for telling my parents and my pregnant sister that I will not babyproof my area of the house and saying that I will be locking them out instead?

My parents live in the in-law suite of my house. They pay rent to help me cover the mortgage but the house is completely mine.

Their rent is $600 a month. That includes all utilities including internet and streaming services.

My older sister is pregnant again, yay, and she needs a place to stay as her baby daddy bailed out and moved back to Romania without her.

My parents agreed to let her stay with them.

They did not ask me but, like I said, they pay rent and can do as they wish with their living area.

And while his parents had everything they need in their area of the house, they still wanted him to babyproof his space!

My parents have full run of my house except for my bedroom and my office. My dad likes to putter in the garage and plays with my dog.

My mom likes to bake in my kitchen and work in the garden. The basement has a kitchen but it is small and mine is just better all around.

Nope, they want me to babyproof my levels of the house. I asked why I would need to do this as the kids would 100% NOT be in my area.

My mom said that it would not be fair to keep the kids cooped up in the basement all day.

I said that there was a huge yard, and sunroom for them to spend time in if they really wanted.

But when her sister revealed there would be three kids living with her instead of two, he had even more questions!

My sister said that she couldn’t spend all her time cramped up like that with three kids.

I asked when she found out she was having twins.

She shut up. I dragged it out of them that she was planning on watching her friend’s toddler for money.

I said I did not have insurance for her to run a business out of my house. She said it was all under the table and that she needed money.

And with that fun new piece of information, he knew it was time to lay down the law.

This was when I said that I would be taking the keys to my area of the house back from my parents and that I was also going to change the locks.

I said that I agreed to let my parents live with me to help them out.

They agreed to let her move in because she is an irresponsible wench that can’t understand birth control.

I never agreed to let her use my house as a day home. I know I do not want three kids here along with four adults.

Well, three adults and a pregnant idiot. (I thought this but did not say it.)

He’s setting of his boundary splits his parents, with his Dad actually siding with him!

My mom is mad that I am going to lock them out of my area but my dad understands.

I would let him keep a key but I know my mom would get it from him and give it to my sister.

I said I would leave the garage lock the same and that was good enough for him.

My mom and my sister are upset and giving me the silent treatment.

My mom got my dad to ask me if they paid for the insurance if my sister could watch her friend’s kid.

I agreed but I did say that they should get my sister to pay it.

Reddit said to be careful, and that once his sister was living there, she would be a pain in the you know what to make leave!

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And another user said he should brush up on the tenants’ rights laws in his area before they move in.

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This person said not only should he ban access to his living space, but to any space he lets his dog out in too.

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And finally, this user said even if the children were on their best behavior, his home would be undergoing a lot of changes!

Source: Reddit/AITA

If his sister is running a daycare out of his house, I think he should ask for a cut of the profit!

He is the landlord after all!

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