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Miserable Vice Principal Has It Out For A Seventh Grade Girl, So She Uses The School Fundraiser To Make The VP Realize Nobody Actually Likes Her

by Ryan McCarthy

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I think we all can remember a teacher or two that had it out for us.

Mine was my 11th grade English teacher, who after I had left the room told the entire class that the only person she was worried about passing the AP test was me.

Don’t worry I’m not still salty…. It’s not like I’m still talking about it, right?

It makes you wonder why a person who strongly dislikes children would ever pick the profession of teacher, if not for the sole reason of tormenting their students.

Well unfortunately for this user, her middle school vice principal was one of those people. But OP had the last laugh when she used a fundraiser to make the VP realize that no one actually liked her!

Check it out!

Middle School tyrant finds out no one likes her

At my Middle School we had a vice principal who fancied herself a dictator. Any tiny bit of power she got was an issue.

But I was a middle schooler at the time and a good kid not often in trouble, so I didn’t cross her path until 8th grade. Her friend was a Bus driver named Pat.

For 6th and 7th grade years we had an awesome bus driver. He was nice to the kids, let us put the windows down when the Georgia heat got too much etc.

But when that beloved bus driver retired, the kids were (unfortunately) left with Pat.

But he retired and the bus driver we got was an extremely angry middle aged woman named “Pat” who did not like children and made that clear every day.

“The windows stay up or we go back to the school!” she would yell as she had the only fan blowing in her face on a 100+ degree school bus.

Ostensibly this was to keep us from throwing things out of the bus but that was never an issue before or after.

The real reason was that before the bus driver could leave the bus at the end of the day all the windows had to be back up and locked. So this saved her effort.

And it one was particularly crazy act of child neglect that introduced OP to the infamous Vice Principal.

I first got on the Karen VP’s radar because Pat left me on the side of a very busy road one morning. She could have stopped but wagged her finger at me as she drove away and left me.

I flipped off the kids laughing at me out of the back window but the bus driver Pat thought I was flipping her off.

I didn’t get suspended because she left me with no way to get to school on the side of an extremely busy road and my mom threatened to sue if it happened again.

But after that they had it out for me. Pat tried several times to get me on anything. She even coached a kid to say I bullied him.

But when the real Principal brought in the kid he said “no OP is my friend it was those other kids” and a bunch of other little shit. Anything to get me in trouble.

So OP started slowly but surely getting her revenge on the bus driver.

So the Petty revenge comes in here. I was doing my best to make the bus drivers life hell in little passive aggressive ways. She got annoyed at anything so it was easy.

But Karen was harder to do anything to. After fighting with the bus driver and the Assistant Principal for most of the year, revenge came in the form of a Police fundraiser.

They were advertising it on the local tv news and local radio stations.

If you put someone up for “arrest” the cops would show up and throw someone in handcuffs and “Put them in jail” until they could call a few people and fundraise the “bail”.

And OP’s Mom saw a golden opportunity to get revenge on the adults tormenting her little girl.

The person who set up the arrest had to pay like $10 but worth it.

My mom after being annoyed by Pat and Karen all year put Karen the Assistant Principle up for arrest.

The cops showed up and took her to the room where she could call her friends and raise the money for her to go.

The idea was that Mom was going to keep having her arrested as long as she could.

But this plan quickly failed when Karen realized no one liked her enough to put up her measly ten dollar “bail”!

Except no one would give her the “bail” money. Not even for a charity.

So she ended up missing most of a day sitting in the police precinct trying to get anyone to put up enough money for her to leave.

Eventually the cops told my mom that they had to let her go because it had gone on too long. She was the only one who didn’t raise the bail money that day.

Letting her know exactly how much she meant to everyone at the school felt great. I had a friend who heard her complaining about it later that day.

And while Karen didn’t know who had put her in “jail” for most of the year, OP and her Mom just couldn’t help themselves on the last day of school.

She had called the Principal who did donate some but the other teachers gave nothing and none of her friends would help out.

She apparently thought one of the teachers put her up for it. It’s so minor and so petty it almost doesn’t count.

But when I left that school at the end of the year mom went up and asked her “how was jail?” before we walked away for the last time.

First time I ever heard a “Reeeeeee” sound from a human.

Its stories like these that restore your faith in humanity.

I mean not only getting revenge on adults that take their miserable lives out on kids, but at the same time that adult realizing their behavior has left them with no friends!

Reddit absolutely loved this revenge, and even this bus driver said Pat making them keep the windows closed was ridiculous.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Many recalled their own bus drivers, but many had a lot fonder memories than OP!

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And this user remembered when her Dad hosted his own “bail” fundraiser, only for him to get arrested himself!

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This person was reminded of how their Mom set a teacher who had been bullying them straight.

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And finally, this Mom of a special needs kid also had to lay down the law with a bus driver, and even got them removed from his route!

Source: Reddit/AITA

What’s the old saying? Don’t do the crime if you don’t have any people that actually like you to bail you out?

Something like that.

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