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Mom Refuses To Move Baby’s 1st Birthday Party For Mother In Law’s 50th, And Now No One Will Be Attending The Baby’s Party

by Addison Sartino

Source: Reddit/AITA, Pexels

Two people in this world exist: those who love their birthday and those who hate their birthday.

This woman took to Reddit to share her story.

MIL freaking loves her birthday.

She kept joking when I was pregnant that if I went into labor on her birthday (2 days before my due date) I better hold him in. Well karma, he was born on her birthday and she was not pleased.

MIL came to the hospital for about ten minutes, but said she had plans and left.

The mother in law has her birthday party planned for the same day as the grandson’s.

This year she is turning 50 and he is turning 1 and the day falls on a Saturday.

I was super excited that I could have his first party on the actual day, and immediately started making plans.

MIL said she is having a party that day, so I need to do his another weekend.

The woman does not want to move her son’s party.

I thought that was ridiculous because one of them is a little kid and it isn’t her.

I know technically we could do his in the afternoon and hers at night, but my in laws throw crazy parties. Her fortieth was like the size of a wedding and it requires lots of prep, hair, makeup, so it really wouldn’t fit.

I refused to move the date of his party.

The mother in law and father in law became angry.

MIL got mad and said he won’t even remember. FIL told me my son isn’t the end all be all and she was born first.

I told MIL she was being a crybaby and to build a bridge and get over it. I said he is a little kid, so his is more important than hers, and she can do her ridiculous pageant/birthday party another day (didn’t say that part out loud).

Because of the woman’s comment, the family will not talk to their son/brother.

MIL is now not talking to us, but not changing the date.

This means the family will go to her party, and I feel like she is being really immature.

I have no regrets for what I said, but her daughters called me a jerk and now aren’t talking to their brother.

Reddit users weren’t cheering for anyone in this story.

One person said they’re both being immature.

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Another reader said it’s amazing that the baby may be the most mature person in this story.

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This person felt that 50 is a fair birthday to obsess over.

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Someone get both of these women a pacifier.


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