April 23, 2024 at 6:38 am

Food Reviewer Has Nothing Good To Say About This “Hot” Austin Eatery. – ‘$42 caviar toast?’

by Ryan McCarthy

Souce: TikTok/@atasteofkoko

Sometimes, your city’s new “hottest restaurant” just isn’t worth the hype.

From 2 hours waits for a table to entrees you’d have to mortgage your house to afford, when you go out to a nice restaurant, you want the experience to be perfect.

Food reviewer @atasteofkoko (Koko) explains she had just eaten at Austin’s hottest new restaurant, Guest House.

That said, her experience was anything but positive.

“It was a disaster! I just don’t want anyone else to have such a bad dining experience like we did.”

Souce: TikTok/@atasteofkoko

“Our reservation was at 8:15.  We got seated and immediately placed our order. And I kid you not, it was almost 11:00 and we still had not gotten our entrees!”

Koko did say the design of Guest House was beautiful, but was not enough to compensate for the extremely loud music.

Souce: TikTok/@atasteofkoko

KoKo’s next gripe came with the restaurant’s sloppy menu, which she pointed out was filled with spelling errors despite the high prices!

“The entire menu had grammatical errors. Also, when did Austin become a city where we have $42 caviar toast?”

One item in particular, The Roasted Onion, caught Koko’s attention because of its high price, so much so that she had to ask their waitress about it!

“Our waitress was like ‘It’s literally an onion that has been roasted, and we are selling it for $15.” She said it might have been the best roast onion she would have ever had….

Souce: TikTok/@atasteofkoko

“But I would never know, because our food never came! We did get our appetizers. This is the mushroom pizza and this is the steak “tartar”. It was okay, it was not bad.”

Even apart from the food, it seemed the the staff couldn’t be bothered as far as service.

“One of our friends actually broke her wine glass, and the staff saw it, but they never cleaned it up. We had broken glass on our table and no one cared!”

And when they asked for a manager, the staff said they didn’t even know if the food was coming, so Koko and her friends decided to leave!

Check out her review for yourself!


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This truly was an odd experience, because Koko’s followers said they’ve never seen her post a bad review.

Souce: TikTok/@atasteofkoko

This user was left shocked at the $15 onion, which costs 1.29 at your local grocery store.

Souce: TikTok/@atasteofkoko

Others sympathized with the new wave of loud restaurants, with many saying it felt like a club!

Souce: TikTok/@atasteofkoko

Others hoped that Koko got herself some fast food on the way home to tide her over.

Souce: TikTok/@atasteofkoko

And finally, this user said she would have been out of there long before 11:00!

Souce: TikTok/@atasteofkoko

Safe to say, we can all cross this restaurant off our list.


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