April 3, 2024 at 1:27 pm

People Admit What They No Longer Buy Because It Now Costs Too Much

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit

I’m glad that gas prices have gone down a little bit lately, but groceries are still pretty darn steep these days…and I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Inflation is real, folks!

And all we can do is hang on, tighten our belts, and get through it.

Let’s hear from Reddit users about what they don’t buy anymore because of high prices.

Come on!


$13 for a single layer of corn tortilla chips zig zagged in cheese sauce and half a head of lettuce topped with a tablespoon of salsa. Sour cream is $1.50 extra.

Thought I’d be a cool dad not too long ago and took my kids to a taco truck. $75 later…and it took 20 minutes to prepare.”

Probably a good thing…


It’s absolutely insane how much it costs anymore. I’ve actually ended up removing caffeine from my diet.

In the past 6 months I’ve actually lost 20 lbs and feel so much better just drinking water.”

That’s wild.


Pre-pandemic, you can easily find somewhere charging under $20 in my area. Now all the barber shops in my area start at $35.”

No more…

“I recently ate at IHOP. I had a ham and cheese omelette, four sausage links, tea and a glass of milk.

I was shocked when I got the check and was charged over $28.

I can get the same meal at my local diner for about $12.

So, no more IHOP for me.”


“Tipping. I quit doing that.

But don’t get me wrong, I tip well for service everywhere that it is customary to do so. I just quit doing those things. I order food on the internet and go pick it up myself.

Instead of paying a fee to a delivery service, and then having to tip the driver on top of that, etc.

I have no problem walking in an hitting the “No tip” button on pickups. I tip for service, and takeout food is not a service item. The only service is taking my money and handing me my food.

And THAT amount of service had better already be included in the price of the food.”

Too bad.

“The worst type of inflation is thrift store inflation.

Buying clothes from the Goodwill or a local shop used to be cheap.

Now it’s barely a dollar shy of buying new.”

So long…



Kroger pizza

Graphics cards

Restaurant food



I miss you, all of you.”


“Converse All Stars.

When they were cheap it was worth going through two pairs a year.

The price of a pair of high-tops, compared to how long they last, is just not worth it, nowadays.”

For the gamers.

“Video games when they come out.

I’ll gladly wait a year to not pay $80.

I get that it’s going to bring me pleasure to play a video game especially if I get to pick it but I still don’t want to pay full price for it.”


“I sent my husband to Subway a few weeks ago and for a family of 4 it was $72 for “foot” long subs and a bag of chips each.

I mention the husband in this because no one actually wanted chips, and he tipped the “sandwich artist” 20%, so some of that cost is on him. But still. Subway. Come on.

I had to scrape 3 tablespoons of mayo off my sandwich that wasn’t even supposed to have mayo on it at all. We are never eating there again and for the love, can we please stop tipping the food-preparers before we actually get the food.”

That’s depressing.


I adore my dog but really starting to question my life choice on dog ownership. She’s 7 yrs old and the cost of her daily care/routine vet care has literally doubled.

I don’t think I’ll ever own another dog after this, and I’m just hoping I can actually afford to keep her in my care at this point.

Also to clarify, thank god she’s been really healthy with no issues but just daily maintenance is so expensive, and vet bills for other animals has also doubled. My cat’s recent blood panel alone was $435, and her annual exam was $680.

The cat is 17 though so I absolutely am not gonna rehome at this point, but my dog is a beautiful loving active companion with half her life still to give to someone who would be fantastic for anyone well off enough to care for her.

If cost of living keeps going up I’m just afraid that person won’t be me


“Food delivery. Apps specifically.

It seems like the apps have calculated the perfect algorithm to make the minimum order price $40.

I ordered a McDonald’s meal and somehow totaled to be $40…”

A weird one.

“Water bottles.

They went from being very basic recipients to “fashion” or “trendy” items to have and ever since the yeti flasks where made popular by social media, they became obnoxiously expensive regardless of their quality.”

Not fair.

“Lift tickets.

The quality of seasons gets worse and worse as the prices on everything involved with skiing/riding go up.”

I doubt these will ever become affordable again.

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