April 1, 2024 at 8:33 pm

What Jobs Are Overvalued And Overpaid? – ‘In the grand scheme of things they are corrupt and don’t do much.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit

I have some friends who have told me how much money make at their jobs and honestly, I’ve been SHOCKED by the amount.

Because some of them don’t do a whole hell of a lot!

And they’ll be the first to admit that…

Let’s hear from Reddit users about jobs they think are overvalued and overpaid.


“The president of the university I work for makes over half a million a year + bonuses.

Any time we’ve hosted an event he’s supposed to show up to we get a last minute email from his assistant saying something came up and he can’t make it.

This university also refuses to pay staff/graduate students more because they claim it’s impossible due to the budget not being high enough.”

That’s something else…


I am a DevOps engineer at a fintech startup, I write server configurations for $125K/yr and I work about 10 – 20 hours a week, remotely.

I keep thinking they’ve figured out how easy my job is and decided to fire me and then instead they tell me I’m doing a great job and promote me.

I smoked weed all through college and got a degree in philosophy, and did not go to grad school.”

I’ve heard this before…

“Pharmaceutical or medical sales.

I’m a small scale clinician who deals with medical sales reps 5 days/week who are the [apparently] sweetest, bubbliest, most seemingly accommodating people on earth— if you buy their thing.

Since your patients need theirs, except they’re usually not even medically qualified to make those determinations. They can’t answer medical questions relevant to their products.

Every rep we deal with can be googled and earns >3x the combined salary of my office staff comprising 4 people.”



While I believe they can provide value in some situations, technology has put a lot of the work into the buyer’s hands.

You find places you like, send them to a realtor, they walk you through and point out which rooms are bathrooms, print out a mountain of paper for you to sign and … BOOOM $50,000 commission.”

Sounds rough…

“Knowing the CEO of one of the largest video game companies, a CEO.

He doesn’t know **** about the industry and spends most of his time at the gym.”

In the middle.

“Middle management at large corporations.

Pretend you know what your employees do and tell your employees to do the work your manager asks you to do.”

A hot take.

“College football coaches.

The highest-paid public employees in many states, and is even more egregious considering for decades the students were not allowed to make money from endorsement deals and whatever.

Glad that has changed, but it’s still ludicrous for Alabama or Mississippi for example to sink so much money into their football programs when the rest of the two states struggle in almost every other metric.”


“A hedge fund is just a gambling house.

It makes no net contribution to society. It just moves money from one pocket to another. We, as one the whole, are not better off for its existence. That can’t be said of many other professions.

We don’t need hedge fund managers. We need doctors.

What a waste.”

All of ’em.

“Anyone who works for Boston Consulting Group.

Their job is to systematically destroy large companies with the guise of helping them survive.

Their success rate of saving companies is something insanely low, like under 10% iirc and I would honestly credit that to the businesses, not BCG.

But they get paid tens to hundreds of millions in consulting fees to make PowerPoint presentations.”

Moving it around.

“Anything that could be reduced to “I make a lot of money because I move a lot of money”.

Like brokers, insurers, wall street stuff, real estate agents…”

A whole lotta money.

“I think the best example of that is people in entertainment – athletes, celebrity actors, etc.

Entertainment is certainly valuable and arguably necessary, but to justify the millions of dollars these people make is hard.

No doubt they are talented and work hard, but to make 25 mil a year to play a sport for folks entertainment vs. me making a questionably high salary to provide a corporate service?

Whole different thing.”

A cancer.

“Everything that has anything to do with currency, stock, and real estate speculation.

Making money by moving money around is a cancer destroying the world.”

At the top.

“Most executives at the top are worthless.

If they are good they get bonuses, if they sink they get a golden parachutes. SO many of these people get paid toO much while turning the screws on the people who do the work or make the product.”



In the grand scheme of things they are corrupt and don’t do much.

Once and a while you get a JFK but they usually don’t last long for obvious reasons.”

Good point.

“Project managers in tech, I feel like they shouldn’t be earning anything close to what engineers do.

Your job is doing a few meetings and making sure the project is on track, maybe testing. This can be easily done by an engineer in a senior role with help of automation.

Absolutely ridiculous that the person who builds systems gets paid a bit more than the person who on the hardest days has a few more meetings and has to draw a scheme maybe.”

Real talk… wouldn’t mind one of these jobs. lol.

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