April 24, 2024 at 11:56 pm

People Open Up About Why They Like to Wake Up Really Early

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AskReddit

I try to wake up at 7 am every morning, which some folks would consider pretty early, but when I used to work for a catering company in my younger days, I would sometimes show up to the shop at 2 am and 3 am.

Yes, it was tough, but I also remember liking that feeling of being up before the rest of the world and thinking that I got more done by 8 am than most people did all day.

Why do you like to wake up really early?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

Used to it.

“Work starts at 5 am for me.

Days off, I still get up at 5-6 am, though, so I can skateboard as the sun rises and the heat isn’t intolerable.

It’s a great way to center myself.”

The routine.

“It’s funny, I started working my first real job and first day “so what time do people usually start?” “You can come in whenever in the morning, but most folks start 6-7 to get out early”.

And then I basically started at 6am every day for work since. Never would I have imagined having this kinda work schedule.”

Time to grow up!

“Age. As a teenager I could sleep all weekend. From about 30 I never needed an alarm clock as I would always wake up before I needed to.

At around 40 I started waking up around 630 and it gets earlier every year. I’m now almost 60 and am generally awake around 430 and up and running by 500 regardless of how late I go to bed.

If this trend continues I will be getting up before I’ve gone to bed. There are times like weekends when I wish I could sleep in but overall I enjoy being up early.

Sunrise, coffee and peace are nice.”

Got a lot to do.

“530 workout class before the day starts is the only way i seem to be able to tackle exercise, work and kids successfully in one day.”

Good idea.

“By 6:30 AM there is already gridlock on the way to work.

I go in early and get off early, beating the rush hour traffic both ways.”

Peace and quiet.

“I like the quiet and alone time of the early morning… allows a couple of hours of doing what I want and no one interrupting or distracting me

Allows me to set the pace of the day also, slow and steady and take my time, rather than rushing around

The absolute best is just sipping my coffee in peace and quiet though.”

Blame it on the brain.

“Started off not being able to sleep in.

I’d desperately like to at least a few times a month, but my brain just wakes up around 5.

So, instead of being ****** off every morning that I can’t sleep, I’ve learned to take that time to myself and enjoy it.

It’s actually really nice.”

Wake up call.

“My cat does hurdles, with his track being my entire body, my bedside table, and a bit of floor.

While on the table, he usually knocks at least one thing down, until nothing is left but the lamp.

If I don’t get up, this can continue for up to an hour.”

Time to get busy.

“Work starts between 5 and 6am.

Gotta love first shift manufacturing. Tbh, I don’t mind that much. As long as you stay on top of getting a correct amount of sleep, it’s nice to have most of the afternoon off, especially for appointments etc.

It sucks to have to go to sleep while the sun is still up in summer though.”

Enjoy it.

“It’s especially beautiful in the height of the summer or winter.

Either everything seems so calm and even more peaceful, as if you were taking this long, looong deep breath.

Or in the summer when you can enjoy actually nice weather before the heat hits.”

You got all day!

“The gym is quiet, Starbucks is quiet, I can have all my housework etc done by 8am when I have breakfast and then the day is mine to do whatever I want with.

I put endless stock in peace, everything is peaceful at 6am, nothing is peaceful at 9:30.”

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