April 21, 2024 at 11:29 pm

People Shared Positive Things That Are Happening In The World Right Now

by Matthew Gilligan

redditpositive People Shared Positive Things That Are Happening In The World Right Now

Source: Reddit,Unsplash/@zacharytnelson

The world may seem like a complete dumpster fire if you watch the news on a regular basis, but guess what?

There are a lot of positive things going on, too!

And we’re going to hear about some of them today, thanks to these AskReddit users.

Check out what they had to say.

That’s good.

“It’s so easy to repopulate the earth of rare plants now through tissue culture.

Two years ago Brazil was freaking out trying to keep their last remaining spiritus sancti plants to themselves and today, anyone can have them in their house and there is no market for poachers.”


“A malaria vaccine has been developed and is currently undergoing human trials.

This could save hundreds of thousands of lives a year, many of them children.”


“For the first time in decades there have been Iberian Lynx sightings in the region of Madrid.

Two sightings in the last week, huge news as this species is amongg the most endangered animals in the world.”


“More young women and girls in less developed countries are in primary and secondary education than ever before

More people worldwide are vaccinated than ever before, and a number of malaria vaccines are currently showing pretty positive results

Since 1990, the number of people living in extreme poverty has more than halved – from 2 billion to around 700 million.

The rate of infant mortality is consistently declining year on year.”

Very cool.

“Some “garage-scientists” in Germany have invented energy production plants that create green hydrogen from literally every kind of waste you can imagine.

It will revolutionize local and state energy production to a never seen before level. The company is called Uniwastec and is based in Switzerland.”

Moving forward.

“People are becoming more trauma informed, facing their wounds, and making sure the next generation’s burden will be at least a little lighter.”

Pretty amazing when you think about it.

“We have more knowledge and connectivity at our fingertips than ever before.

Our ancestors may have only had a 5th grade education but we can Google lecture videos of nuclear physics.”


“I’m an environmental consultant. Human health based requirements for concentrations of chemicals in the environment have been decreasing over the years.

This means that polluters are being held to higher standards and sites that are getting cleaned up are required to be cleaner. I was concerned under the Trump administration we’d see a serious backslide in these requirements, but we are making progress at the state and local levels.

This is happening on an international level too. China is eliminating residential coal-burning, which is greatly improving air quality in their cities, and India is replacing dung-burning with induction cook stoves and LPG stoves.

This does wonders for air quality in Delhi as well as household air quality for the poorest Indians.”

Big advancements.

“Progress being made on cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Spectrum disorders, HIV.

My uncle got HIV in 1982 and **** less than 6 months later.

It took months just to figure out what he actually had, and when they did, there was very little they could do anyhow.”

Good for them.

“Simple acts of kindness from normal people.

There are many random people who do good and simple acts all the time. Things that make you laugh, smile and believe in this world as a suitable place for the next generations.

The other day I saw a humble gentleman pick up a child who slipped and was crying. He comforted him, cleaned his jacket and continued on his way. This never appears in the news but it is important to know that they do happen.”

Big impact.

“One thing that is probably small scale but has major impact.

Company I’m now working for is working to replace all copper and metal pipes in new construction with a more renewable and safe plastic piping. That will not only cut construction costs.

But also make it easier/faster to install. Along with giving cleaner water to homes because the plastic doesn’t erode so there’s nothing getting into the water.

On top of that they are actually part of a few different clean water projects around the world and are providing their pipes and funds to places around the world to help build water systems in places that don’t have them.”

It’s a start…

“In Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature, he argues that we are living in the most peaceful time in human history.”

The pollution solution.

“I heard scientists are on the verge of a break-through regarding nuclear energy.

I don’t understand the terms myself, but it could mean cheap energy that can power everything is around the corner.

Also, 2022 was the first year in history that wind and solar energy out-produced coal energy.

One thing I say often, by 2050 America’s pollution situation may not be so bad. If electric vehicles, solar, and wind energy are really productive, it could eliminate a lot of the pollution.”

Save them all.

“There are people out there who dedicate their lives to saving dogs from terrible conditions.

Some of them will travel to other countries to bring these dogs back to find a safe home in North America or anywhere else in the world.

I respect them with every ounce of my being because every dog deserves a home and a loving family.”

Keep your heads up!

There’s a lot to be happy about!

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