April 10, 2024 at 5:42 am

Rowdy Neighborhood Kids Wouldn’t Be Quiet, So This Person Played Loud Music To Drive Them Crazy

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@austin_pacheco

Parents, I don’t mean to be harsh, but please, for the LOVE OF GOD, keep your wild children under control!

Or else some other folks out there might take it upon themselves to set things straight…like this person did!

Take a look at what happened…

Allow your kids to scream all day every day? It’s time for some revenge…

“When I moved into my house almost 4 years ago, I quickly realized that my one neighbour was going to be a problem.

They got an unwelcome visitor.

This was because their oldest child (who was 6 at the time) climbed over my fence while I was in my backyard on day 2 of living there. He told me that I was on his property, and I had to get out.

Thinking that he just didn’t understand how things worked due to his age, I kindly explained that on the other side of the fence was his parents property.

On the side of the fence we were on was my property. I also told him that the fence was actually mine, and he is not allowed to climb on it or come into my yard without permission. He then screamed at me “**** off you ****”.


I was in shock. I immediately said that I was going to talk to his parents, and he ran back to his yard. When I spoke to his parents (who only lived in their house for a month previous to this incident), they claimed there was nothing they could do about their kids behaviour. This was just the start.

The oldest child did this exact same thing to everyone else in our neighbourhood. He then would sneak into the yards in our neighbourhood with other children, and assault them. He regularly would beat his younger brothers, who would scream in pain.

This family was a nightmare.

The screaming was not just from that. It was constant rage screaming between the three children living in the house, and their parents would do absolutely nothing about any of this. It was so loud that I could clearly hear it when I was working in my office in my basement.

This basement has sound proof insulation. The people of my neighbourhood couldn’t take it anymore, and everyone asked them at different times to calm the kid’s noise.

The parents said…in all seriousness…that there was nothing they were going to do. Kids are kids after all.

This was going to be interesting.

So that is when I thought…why not give them a little payback. So I found music playlists that were specifically to induce anxiety and stress (Spotify has a wonderful collection of these).

When the screaming would start, I would go to my back yard with a loud portable speaker and play it at a level and during times that is acceptable by city ordinance.

It works like a charm.

By the middle of the first song comes the whining. With the second comes the shrill screams of “I don’t like this!”

That went well!

By the third, they run into the house. So in other words, within 15 minutes they now stop. After I figured out that this works, I told everyone in my neighbourhood.

A few minutes ago, the kids started rage screaming at each other again.

Without consultation, each house around theirs as well as across the street started playing hardcore rap and rage metal.

15 minutes later, the entire neighbourhood is blissfully quiet.

Works like a charm.”

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