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Rude Customer Demands Her Drink Be Remade With “Extra Extra” Caramel, So The Barista Gives Her The Most Carmel Ever

by Ryan McCarthy

Caramel Thumb e1711339930502 Rude Customer Demands Her Drink Be Remade With Extra Extra Caramel, So The Barista Gives Her The Most Carmel Ever

Are you ever stuck behind someone at a coffee place, but by the end of their order, you’re not even sure if they’re getting coffee?

And then you look at the poor worker, and they look like they’re ready to tear their apron off and quit!

They’re so many substitutions and specifications, it’s like people are competing to see who can make these workers’ lives the most miserable!

Well this user unfortunately had to make one such drink with an ungodly amount of caramel, but when OP gave it to the customer, she wanted the whole thing remade with even more caramel.

What other choice did she have but to give her MORE caramel? Check it out!

Extra extra caramel

I was working at a coffeeshop and yesterday was one I will forever be grateful to my manager for.

A customer came through ordering a blended beverage. Said beverage was modified to the point of being not even remotely close to what the original drink was.

Can I also preface this by saying she ordered the drink in our drive-thru with a child SCREAMING into the headphones the whole time.

She did nothing to calm the child, deciding instead to just speak louder.

But when this customer’s drink came out without a topping she ordered, she insisted the entire thing be remade.

So when she drives up the drink with multiple modifications was missing one. It was a topping that was easily added on top but she wanted the whole drink remade.

I asked why it needed a remake, as we had a whole line of cars to get to.

The answer was it didn’t have enough caramel drizzle.

Now, the drink doesn’t come with caramel drizzle. It was ordered with extra caramel and I had already put a ton on top as well as having put EXTRA caramel around the cup.

With this already ridiculous amount of caramel not enough for the customer, OP decided to give her exactly what she asked for.

But I was told they wanted extra extra sooo….

I coated the inside of the new cup. The caramel was so thick you couldn’t even see the drink. I also added a 1/4 inch of caramel to the bottom just in case.

And added EXTRA of the other topping requested and gave 1/2 of the container of it on the side per my manager’s instructions.
Now this was my 3rd-to-last drink I had to make that shift because it was my day off.

I came in to help and the time I agreed to stay to was past. The second time I agreed to stay to was also past.

But apparently this was just too much caramel for this Karen!

I was doing one last wipe down of the cafe before I clocked out. In comes the customer. She is furious.

She said they didn’t deserve to have an employee get mad and fill their cup half with syrup.

Manager tells them “Well what do you want? You got extra caramel it wasn’t enough and you get extra extra and it was too much. You’re gonna have to explain what exactly you want.”

Love my manager!

I would have killed to have a manager like this when I worked in food service! So many customers think they know exactly what they want, but if you actually gave it to them they would throw a fit!

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Shout out to all the baristas, you all are stronger than I will ever be.

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